DIY Children’s Fairy Garden


Whether you’re working with a single flowerpot or a huge garden bed, creating a fairy garden with your child is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate whimsy together.

Pinterest is full of beautiful fairy gardens and is a great place to begin gathering ideas for a fairy garden of your very own. But true whimsy is found in the details, so we’ve pulled together some of our favourite, eco-friendly embellishments that will add a magical touch to your fairy garden, whatever its size.

Twig Gate

First impressions are made at the gate and this twig gateway is truly gorgeous! Simply gather some twigs and bind them together with wire.


Image via Factory Direct Craft

Fairy Hammock

What’s a fairy to do when it all gets too much? Retreat to her hammock, of course! This sweet little hammock can be made with scrap fabric, some string and two sturdy twigs.


Image via The Magic Onions

Garden Path

Creating  warm welcome for your fairy friends is as easy as laying some stones to make a pathway to the door. Go for a uniform look (as seen below), or mix up pebbles of different shapes and sizes to create a mozaic effect.


Image via Pinterest

Tiny Clothesline

This teeny tiny clothesline made us gasp with glee! Such a simple idea, but so very cute! You’ll need two twigs, some string, tiny pegs…and some fairy clothes!


Image via Pinterest

 Garden Bench

This clean and crisp garden bench is fashioned from popsicle sticks and glue. Paint it white for a Hamptons feel or go for the natural look and leave it unpainted.


Image via Meatloaf and Melodrama

Thimble Planters

Fairy garden or not, these thimble planters are seriously cute! If you haven’t got a spare thimble lying around, check your nearest opp shop and get planting!


Image via Craft gawker

Mini Seesaw

Fairies need playtime too and what better way than on this itty-bitty seesaw! Simple balance a flat stick (or popsicle stick) on a stone seats are optional!


Image via Miniature Gardening

Toadstool Seats

These toadstool seats are a great craft for little ones, particularly if you aren’t too fussy about having perfect spots! Simply gather some stones and paint! (For added sturdiness, glue the top stone to the bottom.)


Image via Hodgepodge craft

Signs to Wonderland

These gorgeous signs add a serious touch of whimsy to a fairy garden. For a personal touch, add one or two local places to your sign, such as Playground or Grandma’s House.


Image via WeeBrigadoon

Tyre Swing

This simple craft is pure genius just find yourself a toy-car tyre, add some string and hang it from the nearest ‘tree’!


Image via Pinterest


We hope we’ve inspired you that even the littlest touches can have a huge impact! So grab your kids and starting creating your very own magical place today and if you need any fairy folk, bridges, tree blocks or even a whimsical treehouse to add that magic touch then be sure to check out our website at



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