12 Spooky Recycled Halloween Crafts


Whether you are already sharpening the pumpkin-carving knives or are content to make do with a scary movie night, Halloween can be a fantastic opportunity to get crafty and creative with a bit of themed decorating. But who wants to shell out buckets of money on cheap plastic ghosts and witches that will inevitably find their way into the rubbish bin a week later?

Not to worry! You can get into the ‘spirit’ of things without spending loads and adding to landfill. We’ve scoured the web and pulled together our favourite Halloween decorations made from recycled materials, proving you don’t have to buy cheap plastic decorations to put on a truly spook-tacular display!


  1. Tin Can Lanterns

Set the stage with these lanterns made using recycled tin cans! Check out Jolly Mom.com for a how-to-guide and for felt decoration pumpkins see Eco Toys. 



2. Cereal Box Monsters

What could be easier than grabbing a cereal box from the recycling bin and creating your very own monster?! For tips and tricks, visit She Knows.com and for natural kids paints see our Glob Botanical or Natural Earth paints.


3. Milk Jug Ghosts

These ghosts made using recycled milk containers are simple, effective and very budget-friendly. Visit SistersSavingCents.com for a how-to guide.


4. Tree Stump Monsters

These tree-stump ghosts and monsters are a not-so-scary way to greet family and friends! For the how-to guide, visit Crafts By Friends.com


5. Juice Carton Spooky Houses

Recycled juice cartons, black paint, silver texta and orange cellophane are all you need to create these kooky, spooky houses! See ChooseCartons.com for a step-by-step guide.


6. Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

Pumpkins are to Halloween what candy canes are to Christmas, so while it might not be autumn here, we’re throwing these reclaimed wood pumpkins into the mix! See Finding Home Farms.com for the how-to.


7. Stick & String Spider Web

As well as being particularly spooky, this stick and string spider web is a great fine-motor activity, so encourage each of your kids to make their own! Get the details at Recycled Crafts.


8. Light Bulb Characters

An ingenious use of used light bulbs, this craft is best suited to older kids due to the ‘light’ touch required when painting the bulbs.


9. Tin Can Ghost

We love this craft for its retro simplicity and totally adorable (rather than terrifying…) end result. Head to Faithfully Free.com for the super simple step-by-step guide.


10. Tissue Box Monsters

Our favourite Halloween craft for the under-five set, these monsters made from recycled tissue boxes are as comical as they are cute!


11. Toilet Paper Roll Bats

This craft is so quick and easy, you’ll have a flock of these toilet-paper roll bats flying about your house in no time! Pop over to Practically Functional.com for a detailed how-to guide.


12. Ghoulish Wine Bottles

If you’re among those still resisting Halloween in Australia (no judgement here!), drown your worries with a glass of wine or four then put those used bottles to good use!


And lasty, if you are looking for natural face paints for some spooky faces, then check out our natural face paints here.

56664833 - little girl with spider web painted on face looking at camera. halloween

See?! A little time, creativity and access to a recycling bin are all that’s needed to create a creepy, kooky, eco-friendly Halloween! Enjoy!




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