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Earth paints-safe and non-toxic

My kids were born with an innate desire to create. Like the ancient peoples who made their marks on rocks, sculpted works from stone and bone, and created in ways buried by time, all three of my children came into this world determined to make their mark and capture the unique way they see the world on paper…preferably in every colour under the rainbow, using multiple crafting mediums and leaving an unholy mess behind them all before 7am.

For years I’ve been stocking their art trolley with ‘traditional’ pencils, crayons and children’s paints…traditional in the sense that I’ve used the brands you can easily purchase in any department or craft store. While I’ve long made a conscious decision to purchase eco-friendly, kid-safe children’s toys, it’s only recently I turned my attention to our art supplies. What a revelation!

Natural children's paints

‘Traditional’ children’s paints can contain toxins the likes of which should not found be in industrial power plants, let alone art supplies for children! Chemical stabilizers, petrochemicals, fillers, preservatives, ammonia and formaldehyde. Turns out my ‘traditional’ paints aren’t so traditional after all!

Uncovering this made me determined to find a safer alternative for my kids: something nontoxic, eco-friendly, natural. Enter Earth Paints.

Earth paints

Natural Earth Paints was founded in 2011 by Oregon-based artist Leah Fanning Mebane, a professional visual artist committed to creating nontoxic natural paints for children. To achieve this, she went right back to our earliest artistic endeavors as a human race: she turned to the earth. Leah creates her eco-friendly paints using clay from the earth. After finding the right colour clay, she gathers a few hand fills and dries it in the sun, before grinding it into a fine powder and mixing it with walnut oil. That’s it! The results are completely natural paints I’m happy for my kids to wallow in, let alone paint with.

Earth Paints founder

But these aren’t just eco-friendly paints – as Leah is an artist herself, she is equally concerned about producing natural paints that are of a high artistic standard. Turns out, Earth Paints are superior in this respect to ‘traditional’ synthetic paints too. These natural paints are more permanent than synthetic ones, they are not affected by sunlight, humidity, temperature or impurities, and the colours are more intense.


An unexpected bonus of using these nontoxic paints is the very process of creating them with your children: the natural paints are supplied in powder form, which means you can mix up just the amount you intend to use and store away the rest for later. To mix them up, you just combine one teaspoon of paint with one teaspoon of water, a process your older kids will love to have a hand in! And they smell amazing. No chemically, toxic fumes here: just the rich, earthy scent of…well, earth!

The best thing about these gorgeous natural children’s paints is the peace of mind that comes from buying them: they are completely safe for your little ones and made by a small family business.

Natural earth paints

To purchase the Earth Paints Children’s Paint Kit, head to Eco Toys online store. While you’re there, check out their full range of kid-safe, eco-friendly art supplies. (Did you know Eco Toys only sells 100% natural and eco paints? Talk about peace of mind!)



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