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Hi, I’m Alexx Stuart, owner of “Low Tox Life” and I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Melinda from Eco Toys for our upcoming “Go Low Tox” e course!


I have been researching passionately and speaking with doctors, naturopaths, environmental scientists, nutritionists, building biologists and textile experts for a decade now – hard to believe. I turned to writing about all my discoveries about 5 years ago and  “Low Tox Life” started as a little personal blog sharing findings and recipes.


Now, it’s a fully fledged business created to support people wanting to make better choices for their families and I couldn’t be more excited, I honestly couldn’t. I am a certified health coach, passionate educator and speaker, have 3 e courses, a best selling Amazon global book, and loads of plans to keep helping people joyously and deliciously make better choices for us and the planet – I say joyously because there is so much fear and failing built into successful health oriented business and I find that really weird.


Making better choices should feAs.LowTox_FINAL_12122014_highRes-835x1024-964x964el wonderful and I work very hard in my coaching in the private FB group during the course and through all the course materials, to ensure the ride is positive and that people feel empowered to take things as slowly or as fast as they fancy. Go Low Tox is truly – I believe – the best way you can proactively reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. The beautiful bonus side effects people feel as we travel along the topics is a sense of peace, a desire for less ‘stuff’, a lovely connection to nature and the ability to stop sweating the small stuff, when we have to just go with the flow out there in the world sometimes.


I truly love nothing more than helping people uncover the misconceptions of so many ‘green’ products, find true natural brands, DIY options, UK and Australian options as well as many NZ and US references too, and go through every nook and cranny of our day to day and ditch the nasties. I see Go Low Tox as a springboard. It’s not a deadline or a ‘you must do this now on that day and by this time’… No.


It’s a beautiful springboard for you, armed with the information you need to make a life time’s worth of better choices for you and your family, and the beautiful planet we live on.
I often say I have the best job in the world and I can’t wait to hopefully welcome lots of members of your Eco Toys family this Monday for the upcoming round.”


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