Reduce, Reuse & Recycle – World Environment Day Challenge!



As a growing family with three young kids, our journey to live a more sustainable lifestyle has continuously evolved as we continue to strive to do our bit to reduce unnecessary waste ending up in our oceans or in landfill.


We live in a society where everything is so easily disposable, it’s the generation of single-use plastics! But that comes with a heavy cost to our environment.  Each and every bit of plastic that we use destructs our earth and ends in our beautiful waterways  and oceans, often killing endangered sea life and in landfill where it literally takes millions of years to break down. And this is all done without a single thought about the process that your piece of plastic has had to go through so you can have your cup of take-away coffee, take-away lunch or pre-packaged food. The list is obviously huge but my message is that we often don’t think about it, at all and I really think we should.


So in celebration of World Environment Day this year, I’m setting you a challenge and that is to REDUCE your plastic waste, but firstly I want you to record in one day, every single bit of plastic that you use and throw away. Then I want you to look at this list and see what changes you can make to reduce that plastic waste. Feel free to share them with us!

Make sure you get your children involved in this too. Maybe they could help write the list and come up with more eco friendly alternatives?

Eco Toys has also designed an easy to follow printable that lists 12 Simple Ways to Live more Sustainably that you can download here to help you get started to implement more eco friendly practices into your families daily life. Remember, it can be as big or as little as you want, depending on where you are at in your journey, but never think that you couldn’t possibly contribute in a positive way to help the planet as every single little bit makes a difference! And it starts with your family and your children!

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  1. KAT ROGERS says:

    Recycle allthe families grey water ( washing , washing up and shower ) to water plants and the lawns

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