Not Your Average Rubber Ducky!


Did you know that traditional plastic bath toys are made using a toxic mix of chemicals such as BPA, Phthalates & PVC that can leach into the hot bath or be ingested by babies when they suck on them. Another serious health concern is the mould and water that gets inside bath toys and remains there for many years. That’s right, bath time can often mean toxic time for baby! Which is why it’s important to look for natural and non-toxic alternatives such as those made from natural rubber like our Heava natural rubber toy range or Boon bath toys which are BPA, Phthalate and PVC free.


I was recently at a friends place and she was telling me how she had gotten rid of everything plastic in her home, except for the bath toys as she didn’t have any other safer options available to her and her son LOVED playing in the bath. But after listening to Dr Lantz’ talk she realised that bath toys are one of the most toxic toys on the market!!

Boon bath toys

So a small investment into chemical free bath toys can be  a huge investment in your child’s health.

Eco Toys is committed to providing parents with an alternative to mass produced, plastic toxic toys. You can find our Bath Toys range here.


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