Wooden Baby Rattle Review

Babies learn about their environment through their senses, through taste, touch and smell so it’s important that your baby is in fact chewing on something that is safe and non-toxic. Plastic baby rattles and teethers contain a mix of chemical cocktails such as BPA, Phthalates and PVC which can leach from plastic and are linked to all sorts of diseases, cancer and hormonal imbalances.

That’s why wooden rattles are a much safer alternative to plastic. Wood is naturally antibacterial, is natural and the grains and textures stimulate┬ábabies senses while providing a safer alternative for baby toys.

One of our favourites is this gorgeous cherry wooden rattle. They make a perfect gift for a newborn as they are light and easy to hold.

Wooden baby rattle

These rattles are handcarved from cherry wood and have organic beeswax & Jojoba oil applied to them making them a completely safe and natural teething toy and rattle.

Eco Toys has a range of natural, non-toxic and eco friendly baby toys that are safe for baby and good for our planet.

See our Eco Baby range here.

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