#letthemstay Asylum Seekers in Australia need your help!

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I wanted to share something personal with you today as it’s been breaking my heart this past week . . . so I thank you in advance for reading.

Some of you may have heard about the High Court ruling this week to send 260 asylum seekers (including 72 children) back to detention in Nauru. Among these asylum seekers are 37 babies, all of whom have been born in Australia. I have held some of them in my arms and their parents have already spent at least 1 – 2 years in Nauru detention before being transferred to Australia for medical reasons.

12656140_10156427121375307_948882148_oIt’s hard to imagine that this is actually happening in Australia but sadly it is. As some of you know, Eco Toys ran a detention centre toy drive last Christmas and through your kind donations, we were able to send toys to all children in Nauru as well as the Broadmeadows detention centre.

Since then I have personally gotten to know families with young children who I visit regularly, and have formed a very close bond with. These families are living in absolute fear that our government will send them back to Nauru. They suffer from severe emotional and physical trauma.

One family, have just had a baby and have recently been placed in community detention, which means that for the first time in over 3 years, they have a home, something we take for granted. Their daughter goes to school here and has been forming friendships and now with the high court ruling, they face being sent back to Nauru.

I’m sharing this because not many people know how refugees are treated or the fear and trauma they have been through. All they want is a safe place to call home.

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Rallies are about to kick off around the country calling on Turnbull and Dutton to ‪#‎letthemstay‬ and treat them with the respect and compassion that they deserve. Here’s a few;
* Melbourne stands for sanctuary – Monday Feb 8th at 6pm.
* Sydney stands for sanctuary– Monday Feb 8th at 6pm.
* Brisbane stands for sanctuary – Monday Feb 8th at 5.30pm.
* Perth stands for sanctuary – Monday Feb 8th at 7pm.
* Adelaide stands for sanctuary  – Monday Feb 8th at 6pm.

I’m sure there are many more! Even if you can’t make it, share it on your page and click on interested.

The next few days will be crucial but we already have most Australian states, churches, hospitals and paediatricians speaking out and saying they will offer a safe sanctuary to those facing being deported back to Nauru.

If you don’t already follow these pages, then they are truly amazing at supporting refugees and keeping you up to date with the latest news. Here’s a few; Refugee Action Collective (Victoria), Mums 4 Refugees, Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA)

I used to feel helpless and thought ‘what could I do on my own?’ But many of us united together can make a difference!

Thanks for reading & listening and please share this important message!
Melinda x

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Melinda,

    Thank you for this post. This has been absolutely breaking my heart as well and I have been thinking to myself, how can I get involved and make a difference? Unfortunately I can’t attend the rally tonight but would love to know what other ways I could get involved. Do you have any suggestions of organizations I could contact? I’m in Sydney. I’ll contact the Mumd 4 Refugees but thought you may know of some other groups as well. Thank you 🙂

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