Planning an Eco Friendly Party for Kids


A little preparation is all that’s needed when planning your eco friendly kids party.

Children’s parties usually involve balloons, plastic plates and an abundance of wasted paper and packaging.  It’s time we changed all that and replaced those with products that don’t damage the environment.

Firstly, you need to decide on a venue and unless your child’s birthday is in the middle of winter then a lovely park with a playground and lots of space is always our first choice for kids parties. it’s lovely seeing children playing together and exploring nature.


If you need a indoor space then I love the idea of having parties simply at home! There is no need to hire anything and the kids can play both indoors or outdoors. Otherwise if the thought of having a zillion kids racing around your home terrifies you then most community centres or local halls are available for hire and they usually have kitchen facilities.

Secondly,  instead of using printed invitations, why not send a digital one? Design a clever email and send it as your invitation instead. There are animated ones online that kids love. Or if you really like the personalized message of a posted invitation then make sure it’s locally printed on recycled paper and soy-based inks, like our Earth Greetings range here. We also stock some beautiful Australian made gift cards for that special occasion.


Forget about balloons as decorations, even if they are biodegradable they can still get into our waterways and cause a choking risk to our marine life. Instead, be creative! Make your own with your kids using recycled materials. Or you can find some lovely handmade reusable buntings which would also look great hanging in your child’s room or play area. You won’t need balloons or streamers. See our range of reusable party decorations here. 


For tableware you can use biodegradable party plates and cutlery or opt for washable plates and containers. Op shops are a great place to collect some lovely re-usable dinner sets if you’re having a tea party. Use a colourful sarong or paper which the kids can decorate for the table cloth.


Home-made, home grown and organic / healthy foods will help to reduce packaging and are generally more nutritious and delicious. Look at this delicious cake that I made for my daughter’s 6th birthday made entirely from fresh fruit! I took it to her class party and the kids loved it! Plus I didn’t have to worry about allergies or what I could and couldn’t use.

Watermelon Cake

Shopping the eco way for gifts is not difficult.  You can easily set up an Eco Toys gift registry and or request recycled gifts from second-hand stores.  Recycled artwork, newspaper and old cardboard boxes can be used for wrapping and gift cards or ask that gifts come unwrapped to save excess wastage.

When thinking party favours – think outside the lolly bag square.  Instead create a fun filled eco bag with handmade or op shop treasures. You have a ball with your kids putting them together! Adding items that encourage them to be creative such as crayons, paints and pencils is always a favourite. Eco Toys has a huge range of fun, engaging and eco friendly party favours for kids of all ages that you can find here. 


Traditional wooden novelty toys  like spinning tops, yo-yo’s, kaleidoscope toys and whistles make great party favour toys. These can also be used in the party to entertain the children allowing them to take something special to remember the event by.

Eco friendly does not necessarily mean dull and boring, instead it requires to look around at what your already have and can re-use or better still go for a nature walk with your child, take a basket and collect things like acorns, pine-cones, flowers, leaves and sticks and doing a craft project together decorate them for your next eco friendly party!


Ask your child what ideas they have – you may be amazed by their creativity when it comes to recycling and eco-friendly inspiration.

If you are looking for ideas and inspirations to make your next party eco friendly, check out the Eco Toys green party supplies range here.

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  1. I love anything that is good for the environment. Great article!

  2. Cheeky Jumping Castle says:

    I love anything that is eco friendly. I think nowadays too many partied generate too much much rubbish which just goes to the land fill. You have given me some great ideas thank you!

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