Kids in the Kitchen


Getting kids in the kitchen from an early age not only teaches them about food but also valuable skills in food preparation and cooking. Something as simple as going to the farmers market or picking your own veggies from your garden and washing them is a great first activity for toddlers. Be prepared for water & mess, that’s part of the fun! Preparing salads by breaking the pieces is always popular at our place and my kids get super creative by adding toppings such as pepita and flaxseeds.  My daughter quickly grew to love eating raw veggies while washing them and still prefers raw over cooked to this day!

Making things like pizza is lots of fun as kids can layer the toppings or if you are feeling adventurous then muffins, cake and biscuits are an easy and nutritious snack that they can be involved in. We have the wonderful kiddies food cutters that the kids use at home which are child friendly knives to introduce cutting.


Children love to eat food they make and it’s a great way to get them to try new healthy foods. Check out our Pinterest food page here for inspiration on healthy school lunches and meals.
Plus here’s a list of a few easy and fun activities kids can do in the kitchen:

  • Measure & pour
  • Stir and mixing
  • Chopping and tearing
  • Describe textures, smells and taste
  • List names of ingredients and discuss where they come from
  • Maths: weigh and measurements
  • Setting and serving
  • Get kids to set the table, light a candle and say a blessing

My husband makes sour dough bread every weekend and the kids get a piece of bread to knead and shape as their own. On the weekends we visit my parents farm and they collect the eggs from the chickens and we use it for cooking. We go fishing once a year and the kids get to experience catching their own fish to eat.
I want my kids to know that their food comes from the earth, not in plastic pre-packaged boxes. I want them to also appreciate and enjoy food from all over the world so eating Sushi, Indian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, African you name it, it is normal for us. Going out for dumplings (Shangai Dumplings!!) in Chinatown is one of our favourite past times with friends!

If you don’t always have time for cooking then kids can enjoy learning about food through play. Kids love imitating mum and dad cooking so having a good kitchen pretend play corner means they can play pretend cooking to their hearts delight! My kids spend hours playing pretend cooking, having tea parties with their teddies, baking birthday cakes, muffins and bringing them to me. You can find all our range of pretend play food and wooden toy kitchens online here.


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