10 AMAZING DIY Natural Paints for Kids


Nature provides us with so many exciting and wonderful colours, textures and smells which makes it the ideal material for sensory kids play! I’ve watched in awe as my kids have played for hours outside mixing dirt with water to make mud pies and paint and then adding petals and mixing it with sticks to make potions. Kids love getting messy and dirty and so they should, it’s kids work! Too many children these days are cooped up inside in front of screens and missing out on valuable play that is essential for healthy emotional and physical development.

But did you know that you can make all sorts of wonderful natural paints for your kids to enjoy using natural ingredients such as those in your pantry? There are even edible ones for babies to enjoy!

Most paints for kids on the market are made from nasty chemicals that you don’t want your kids touching or even worse tasting so why not make your own?

1. Flower petal finger paint

A great idea for re-purposing an old flower bouquet.



2. Nature inspired textured paint

I love this one as it includes all sorts of ingredients such as sand, dirt, flowers, leaves etc. Perfect for outdoor play! We recommend natural food colouring or (better still use the natural food colouring guide below) and natural, plant based dishwashing liquid.



3. Edible baby finger paints – Yum!

Natural Dye Baby Paint Fun at Home with Kids2


4. Mud paint

Great to outdoor, messy play!

How to Make Mud Paint (5)


5. Homemade finger paint
Made with just flour, water and food colouring!



6. Watercolour paint using natural foods



7. Soothing eucalyptus paint recipe

Great for winter colds!



8. Bath paint made with yogurt

Much safer than shaving cream or detergent.



9. Homemade face paint
We recommend using certified organic lotion and natural food colouring.



10. Erupting ice chalk paint
A great activity for summer!

Erupting ice chalk paint recipe (1)

If you don’t have time to make your own paints then there are natural alternatives available such as our Glob paints made from vegetables, fruits and spices, our Earth paints made from earth pigments and milk protein, natural face paints and Honeystick beeswax crayons.


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