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So much time and expense goes into planning a birthday party, but often the food is left to last…and time runs out.  How many parties have you been to where you arrive to a spectacular array of colours and options, but as the party is winding down to a close, the kids are starting to wind up! There are lots of tears, tantrums and meltdowns on the way home and possibly extending for the next day or two.

It doesn’t need to be that way!  Parents will often blame sugar as the culprit.  What most people don’t realise is that sugar is often paired up with harmful food additives.

Group of adorable kids having fun at birthday party

Here are some of our top tips to navigate your next party;

Full belly
Make sure your kids have had a full meal prior to attending a party, so they aren’t hungry when they arrive.  They will be more interested in playing with their friends and fun birthday games than eating!

Chat with your kids
Before the party have a chat with your kids about a recent birthday party they went to and how they felt afterwards.  Talk about trying a little experiment when you go the next birthday party.   When you arrive at the party, check out the food options with your child, and have a chat with them about which food options are likely to be best, or have the least additives. Having had a chat prior to the party often helps prevent unwanted upsets and tantrums at the party.

Emergency pack
When first starting to remove harmful food additives bring a couple of emergency options with you, just in case there are no additive free options available.  This might include some fresh fruit, popcorn, plain crisps, plain chocolate. Kids are generally happy to swap if they are still having a treat.

Make the best choices available
Avoid the brightly coloured, flavour enhanced foods.  Look for options that appear homemade, the chances are these will have a lot less additives.  When looking at the options of drinks, offer your child water, with some fruit in the cup, or their own bottled water.  Kids do not miss other drinks, especially if they have a cool water bottle of their own, or shaped fruit iceblocks.

Learning opportunity
If you haven’t got an emergency pack with you, and it is tough to make a good choice, there is no need to stress.  Adopt the 80/20 rule.  If you are living additive free 80% of the time, it will be a good opportunity for your children to try additives occasionally.  This an excellent opportunity to teach your child that the sore belly, headache, aggressiveness or hyperactivity can be linked back to the food they ate at the party a few hours ago.  Children will naturally avoid these foods if they know it makes them feel unwell.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next birthday party, then the Additive Free Kids Parties recipe book has over 150 fun party, snack and lunchbox recipes. Also don’t forget that Eco Toys sells a range of green party supplies, including biodegradable tableware, natural face paints and eco party favours that you can find online here.


Here are some healthy food ideas for your next party:

  • Cute and cuddly quiches
  • Teddylicious soda (pineapple soda)
  • Kiwi fruit jelly
  • Fashionable fairy cakes
  • Fruity Iced tea
  • Crazy creature faces (mini pizzas)
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Sweet potato chips
  • Mini beef pies
  • Vegetable sushi rolls

It is possible to have treats that are colourful and fun too without all the harmful food additives!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArticle written by Francine, Owner and Managing Director of Additive Free Kids and a busy mum of five boys.

Francine is passionate about removing the harmful food additives in our supply and is committed to helping people like you understand, to vote with their dollar, through Additive Free Kids.

By eliminating harmful food additives, her family is now able to lead a life free from asthma, skin ailments, hyperactivity, gastrointestinal upsets, sleep disturbances, headaches and migraines.


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