8 Simple Tips for Good Gut Health


My journey of full health started about 18 months ago. Before that, I would have considered myself to be quite healthy, we only ate organic food and had slowly reduced all processed foods in our diet. However, I had reached a point where I had hit a wall in my health. The feeling of constant tiredness had caught up on me and I knew that it was more than just being a busy mum of 3 sons (age 10,6,3) and running a business.

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I took myself off to the GP for some blood tests and after lots of testing, Thyroid Auto Immune was revealed and on top of this, myself and the family had a parasite infection. I was really confronted by this (and a little overwhelmed) and I began to look to my diet to help heal myself and my family. This is where I started to read lots of articles and information about autoimmunity and leaky gut. The whole world of gut health opened up to me and suddenly things started to make so much sense.

It was a year long journey of changing our diet. Firstly, eliminating all potential gut irritating foods and following the Autoimmune Protocol diet. We took out all gluten, grains, dairy and sugar and followed a Paleo lifestyle. I continued to get testing to see where essential vitamins had become so low and started to replenish my body. I started to feel so much better. Recent testing showed my thyroid antibodies have dropped dramatically and my leaky gut test came back in the clear. My better mood, sleep, energy and overall wellness I know is attributed to gut healing.


Eating for optimal gut health has changed our lives and our children. While we still face the same battles with food fussiness like most parents , I try to incorporate something into their diet each day. I make sure that I am also finding the balance of eating well, relaxing and managing stress. I had so many horrible ‘mummy moments’ where I was so distraught and exhausted, I promised myself that I had to look after myself first, then slowly start on the kids. Let’s face it, if mum is not healthy and happy, then the whole family feels it!

So, to encourage and help you on your journey, here are;

8 Simple Tips to Get Started on Gut Healing

1) Seek help! If you have any family history or suspicions about your health, go get some testing with a trusted GP and / or naturopath. You have the right to enquire more into something and ask questions. Take charge!

2) Find time each day to mediate, relax, put your feet up. Stress and anxiety is one of the major triggers of leaky gut.

3) Eliminate some common potential gut irritating foods for 30 days, such as eggs, grains, dairy, nuts, coffee.

4) Eat lots of fresh green veggies and minimal fruit. Source good quality organic grass fed meat and sustainable fish and organic produce.

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5) Learn to make bone broth. Check out our recipe here.


6) Implement fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir (we run classes regularly at Organic Angels)

7) Boost yourself with some quality supplements and probiotics (as recommended by professional)

8) Be kind to yourself! Some days you will win, some you won’t. Remember you are in for the long haul, so this will take time to process, implement changeĀ  and to have all family members on board.


Our guest blogger this week is Sarah Butler, owner & founder of Organic Angels, Melbourne’s premium organic food delivery service, delivering organic goodness directly to your door. Sarah is passionate about living a healthy sustainable lifestyle and eating nutritious organic foods, incorporating as much unprocessed and raw foods as we can.


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