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I remember the first time I picked up a handmade wooden baby teether. I was in absolute awe of its beauty. I allowed it to sink deep into my hands, feeling the layers, the textures, the smell. Oh the smell! That’s what got me. No chemical or artificially manufactured smell, just good old natural wood! It reminded me of a child being in the forest, being close to nature.  It had a soothing effect on me, like a ripple effect.



That’s the effect that handmade toys have on our children. They invite them to touch, feel and explore their textures and grains. They are appealing and beautiful and provide a wonderful sensory and tactile stimulation for your child. Have you even been in a rainforest amongst big old trees and just walked up to a tree and put your hand on its trunk? That feeling of being connected as one. Handmade toys connect our children to the earth. They also connect us to the people who made them.

I remember in my travels many years ago to Cameron in West Africa. I came across an old wohandmade bowlodworker, sitting quietly on his stool, gently carving and sanding his beautiful pieces of work. He was almost zen, in a meditative sort of way. I stood in amazement at the most beautiful, most amazing pieces of art.

This is the difference between handmade and factory made. I will never forget the intensity, the love and wisdom that this old man put into his creations. Part of his imprint was marked on the pieces of woodwork he was creating and I am pleased to say that I have two of his beautiful bowls sitting in our lounge room and every time I look at it I feel so much love and appreciation for what he has made for me.


This is where as a business our commitment is to support more handmade, more ethical and authentic, traditional toys  and to be able to offer them to parents like you. So your children can enjoy playing with beautiful, non-toxic toys.




Eco Toys are made both locally and overseas from people that have a passion for making toys. People who love what they do. They are artists and craftsmen and women. They work hard and they believe in what they do. Very much like us in fact!

By buying handmade you are supporting a person’s livelihood. You are making their work worthwhile. Your voice and your purchase makes a difference in this world!

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