Dinosnores Sleep CD’s Review


Do you have a toddler, baby or child that has trouble settling to sleep at night? Are you looking for gentle methods to encourage them to fall asleep?

Then you’ll absolutely LOVE our NEW range of Award winning Dinosnores story CD’s! The CD’s are beautiful, guided, relaxation (meditation) story CD’s developed by leading Australian childcare and speech pathologists that use calm and soothing sounds and voices.

I first bought the range of Dinosnore sleep CD’s 7 months ago (as recommended by a few friends online) for my 2.5 year old who all of sudden one day refused to have a day sleep and it has been a life saver for us. We listen to them during the day for ‘quiet time’ in the afternoons, in the car when he’s restless, tired or bored, when he’s feeling overwhelmed (and we all know that 2 year olds can have a huge range of really BIG emotions!) and when it’s time to wind down and go to sleep at night. I’ve found it great to put on during those times when all else seems to fail.



My 7 year old also listens to them at night before bed to help her unwind and fall asleep as we’re often busy with the two little ones and can’t always read to her like we used to.

I play the lovely ocean waves and forest sounds CD’s to my baby as she drifts off to a peaceful sleep. And sometimes (well most of the time) mama also drifts off to a beautiful, relaxing sleep!

The stories are really beautiful and relaxing for anyone that listens to them. Please click on the clicks below to listen to the samples.




If you’re looking for more ideas and tips on gentle baby and toddler sleep and settling then I highly recommend Pinky McKays books Sleeping like a baby and 100 ways to calm a crying baby.

Pinky is Australia’s leading lactation consultant and sought after baby sleep expert and best-selling author of six books. There are also many great articles on baby and toddler sleep here.






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