12 Alternatives to chocolate this Easter

Easter Alternatives to Chocolate

It’s that time again. The supermarket and store isles are filled with chocolate bunnies and eggs of all sizes and the pressure for the Easter bunny to deliver can be quite overwhelming.  BUT we all have a choice and the decision on what we want to fill our child’s bodies with is ultimately ours.

There are lots of ways you can still celebrate the tradition of Easter without the sugar filled treats. Do you have any particular Easter traditions? Is there someway that you would like to celebrate but feel pressured to do it like everyone else? Then I say go for it! Easter can still be a wonderful family celebration without all the guilt and tantrums.


Here are 12 Healthy and Frugal Alternatives to giving Chocolate this Easter:


1. Lop-Eared Sock Bunny – Soft and cuddly recycled sock toy. Click here for free tutorial.



2. Carrot Play-Dough – Fun for all ages, homemade carrot shaped playdough.



3. Easter Egg bath Bombs – A fun project and the kids will absolute love watching the fizz in the bath!



4. Egg Shell Planters – Grow seeds, to sprouts, to fruiting plants.


5. Easter Egg Stamp Activity Kit – A great way to personalize Easter baskets, make cards, and use for art & craft.



6. Bunny Baby Slippers – Turn old clothes into a unique pair of slippers!


7. Paint Your Own Wooden Eggs – A great craft kit with wooden eggs and paint to decorate your own eggs.


8. Mini Bunny Cookies – Shortbread cookies in a bunny shape.



9. Fabric Easter basket – Recycle old t-shirts and kids clothes into this funky Easter carry basket.

tutorial 3-12-09


10. Recycled Crayon Easter Eggs – Recycle old and broken kids crayons into Easter egg shaped ones.



11. Birdseed Eggs – Great for nature loving families.



12. Raw Carrot Bliss Balls – No bake, ultra healthy and ultra delicious.

There are lots and lots of lovely handmade eco alternatives to chocolate this Easter. Eco Toys has a range of beautifully handcrafted toys, be sure to check our eco Easter range here. Or if you do want to have guilt free chocolate, you can find our locally made, organic and fairtrade Easter eggs here.

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2 Responses to “12 Alternatives to chocolate this Easter”

  1. Melinda says:

    That’s lovely to hear Nina! I made felted bunnies for my kids last year and really loved the process and seeing the joy on their faces. So I’ve decided I would do the same each year .. . something simple with a teeny bit of organic chocolate to go with it. Would love to see what you end up making so please come back and share it with us. Melinda

  2. Nina A. says:

    Thank you! I have had very mixed feelings about easter, for apparently the same reasons as you. I love some of these ideas, this year easter is going to be fun:)

    Nina in Canberra

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