Eco Toys Gift Guide for 3 – 5 year olds

Pretend play becomes an important part of your child’s play at this age and children will enjoy imitating their parents and other significant others around them. This age and imaginative play is vital for children learning social and interactive skills through play.

As parents you can provide your child many wonderful opportunities simply by setting up pretend play corners where they can explore and experiment with the toys you provide them with.

It’s also important to encourage as much free, outdoor play as possible so children develop a connection to nature and appreciate the simple things around them.

Here are ourĀ  best selling and top 10 recommended toys for pre-school aged children, 3-5 years of age.




  1. NEW Wishbone Wagon – This sturdy toy wagon features various steering and facing positions for lots of fun outdoors! $349.95
  2. NEW Animambo Guitar – A colourful, multicultural themed guitar to inspire playing a musical instrument. $49.95
  3. I’m Toy 7 in 1 Activity CentreThis fantastic new 7 in 1 Activity Centre combines learning, arts and music into one toy! $115.95
  4. NEW Plan Toys Portable Kitchen – This Plan Toys kitchen includes stoves with turning knobs, oven, a frying pan, a pot and a spatula. $124.95
  5. Cut up Fruit & Vegetables – This wooden fruit set is made up of realistic pieces of fruit and vegetables including an apple, carrot, lemon, pear, tomato and a mushroom. $34.95
  6. NEW Kinetic Sand – Kinetic Sand is fun, indoor, mess-free, play sand! Available in 1, 2.5 and 5 kg boxes.
  7. Musical Melody MixThis wonderful musical instrument toy set for kids comes complete with ten different musical sounds. $89.95
  8. Rainbow Nesting BlocksThese colourful all-in-one building blocks allow children to free their imagination and create endless structures and patterns. $54.95
  9. NEW Trix Track Safari Track – Join the wooden blocks together to create a sturdy ball run with special tricks along the way. $92.40
  10. Activity Workbench – This fabulous toy work bench features a work bench with tools on one side and a low writing desk on the other. $76.96
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