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When I first lay my eyes on this stunning felt range, I was taken back to childhood fantasies of fairy folk and a magical land where only the imagination was the limit. I immediately fell in love with Himalayan Journey and the lovely owners, Lobsang and Miranda who I could see were so passionate about what they did.


Eco Toys is proud to support ethical, Australian businesses like Himalayan Journey that are making a difference to the lives of people who are disadvantaged.

We felt it was important that we shared their story so you know where your toys come from . .

Himalayan Journey is a family run business with owner Miranda and husband Lobsang who created Himalayan Journey 10 years ago.


Lobsang is a Tibetan refugee and they wanted to create a business that had its roots in the Himalayas, and would support local Himalayan communities in a ethical way.


Miranda designs all the beautiful felt toys herself. Being a mum of 3 young kids she has been blessed to be able to indulge her love of magic, nature and faeries. “I want children to be able to use their magical imagination and explore the beautiful world of imagination through nature and magic, and our felt is such a rich learning experience for kids, they can create and make so many stories, it’s truly a joy to watch.”


If you are looking for a product for your child that is 100% ethical and natural with no plastics or screens, you cant go past Himalayan Journey!

All their products are hand felted and hand sewn, their felt is made from 100% wool, where it is sourced from Australia and New Zealand.





felt4“We are very fortunate to now own our very own Felt company in Kathmandu, so we have complete control over everything, from the quality to how well our felters are looked after, and I have to say we have a wonderful working environment for our woman, many have young kids like myself and are welcomed to bring them to work with them. We are so happy to be able to create an opportunity for underprivileged woman, that last month we were able to employe just over 100 woman!! And that is such a amazing feeling to be able to create products that you love and to be able to support so many woman!”

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