10 Screen Free Outdoor Nature Play Ideas


At Eco Toys we believe that children need plenty of free-outdoor play as possible for healthy emotional and physical development.

With school holidays almost here and the warmer weather, it’s time to turn  off the screens and head outdoors!  There are so many great benefits for outdoor and nature play so were going screen free as much as possible and I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 recommended outdoor play activities.

Here they are;

1. Paint rocks and build a rock play garden – great for pretend play. You can make story-telling rocks, people rocks, rock insects, rock cars, rock food for your outdoor kitchen, alphabet rocks and much more.



2. Create a nature mandala with rocks, leaves and petals. (Image via Pinterest)


3. Plant a garden – children love digging and planting (esp with their own garden tools!) so planting some veggies, flowers or herbs is not only fun but also connects children to their food source.


4. Emerald glass castle – collect some coloured glass bottles from your local op shop and paint some rocks to build your very own glass city. (Image via Pinterest)


5. Make potions – collect leaves, petals, stones and mix with dirt and water to make your very own magic potions! Mix with a stick, add some glitter and keep them safe in jars for when you need to use them. (Image via Pinterest)


6. Build an outdoor obstacle course – (Image via Pinterest)



7. Create a Flower fence – collect old paint lids or plastic round lids to create your own flowers along the fence.



8. Make a bird feeder – using a recycled plastic bottle and some old wooden spoons. You can also decorate these lovely Seedling Bird House’s here.


9. Outdoor weaving – (Image via Pinterest)


10. Go on a nature walk and do a scavenger hunt – (Image via Pinterest)


If you live in Melbourne and are looking for more nature based activities and inspiration then head to our Eco Explorers Melbourne community and register your interest for Term 4 bush playgroup here. 



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