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Easter Top Tips For An Eco Friendly Easter

There’s no doubt about it; Easter is on its way.  Supermarket shelves are groaning under the weight of thousands of branded and mass produced chocolate eggs and all kinds of Easter themed décor that apparently, are required to celebrate this traditional time of year.

But what if you like to tread a little more softly on this precious Earth of ours and don’t buy into the commercialisation of Easter?

What if, for you, this time of year is for creating family traditions and rituals, without spending a fortune or creating piles of packaging waste…..not to mention trying to get your kids through April without the massive sugar high that tends to accompany it?

We’ve compiled some tips for you to have a wonderful family Easter, minus the impact on our planet!


1.  CHOCOLATE, buy Fairtrade or Organic

Chocolate and Easter go hand in hand, that’s part of the joy for children and, as their parents, a chance for us to spend our money consciously and in a manner that does not support cruelty of any kind; be it to the rainforests that are decimated for palm oil, the human rights issues surrounding cocoa production itself, and of course, the quality of the ingredients we are feeding our families. read more here

The really great news is that there are so many alternatives to mass produced, poor quality chocolate!

It was a logical step for us to stock Organic and Fair Trade Easter eggs from Organic Times, and the range is delicious!EcoEasterEggs

Made locally from silky smooth Swiss organic milk chocolate for a healthier option and a better taste.

Organic Times is fully Australian owned and only uses 100% certified organic by NASAA chocolate that is grown and purchased through the “Hand-in-Hand” programme. Working hand-in-hand with co-operative farmers so that they can help improve the quality of life in their communities.

“Hand-in-Hand” gives back to the farmers that practice sustainable farming through education, health and environmental programmes and ensures farmers are paid based on a fair pricing structure that is independent from the fluctuating world market.

Try the gorgeous Easter Bunny, the large milk chocolate egg or the vegan large dark chocolate egg!




Mother Nature providesNatural-Easter-Egg-Dyes1-300x225 all you need for creating beautiful coloured dyes for you to get crafty with!

You can either dye hard boiled eggs (no need to worry about any nasty chemicals leeching into the egg) or eggs that have had the insides blown out through little tiny pin holes, (be sure to rinse and dry them well.)  If you want a more lasting Easter decoration, why not dye or paint a pack of our gorgeous wooden eggs?

Check out our natural egg dye tutorial using fruits, vegetables and spices here!

If you’re a pressed for time and can’t get out foraging for natural dye supplies, we’ve got you covered with our gorgeous natural dye kits.  Vegan, Gluten free and made with non-GMO fruits, herbs and vegetables, your eggs will be the stand outs in the Easter basket this year!

Natural Egg Dye Kit



You’ll need an Easter basket to put them in!  The kids will love creating their own basket. We’ve got a few recycled projects here that I’m sure you’ll love.

1. Make an Easter basket out of a cereal box and bits of yarn here. You can make the cute little eggs too, or just use the basket to hold a small Easter surprise for someone special!

2. Make an Easter Basket from an old felted wool sweater here.

3. Make an Easter box basket from a recycled felted sweater here.





The Easter break is a wonderful time for families to ‘exhale’ after the busy-ness of the new year.  For some it’s the first school holidays, marking the end of Term 1.  What a great chance to re-group, re-connect and spend some quality time together.

For crafty indoor Easter activities, why not try the following?

1. Make your own bunny basket out of recycled materials here.

2. Bake an Easter bunny cake with the kids. Recipe and instructions here.

3. Make your very own felt rabbit ears here.


Or for more lazy indoor mornings or quiet afternoons after a day filled with Easter crafting or outdoor play, why not enjoy doing some puzzles?

Puzzles offer a wonderful opportunity for focused, shared play and will keep the little ones busy while you whip up a batch of hot cross buns!

Or why not create the space for some Bunny themed imaginative play?  Plant a felt vegetable garden and try and stop Ears Bunny Comforter from running off with the carrots!


Fill the table with Autumn hued bees wax crayons and sheets of paper and let the children create some seasonal art for decorating the house.

Find all our Easter themed play here.

We’ve got some great ideas for using up the shiny paper and cardboard packaging you’ll inevitably be left with come Easter Sunday afternoon; the perfect time to get crafting!  Find them here.



Speaking of hot cross hot-cross-buns1-652x978buns, be sure and check the ingredients before you buy!  You might be surprised just how many ‘fillers’ and preservatives are used!

Seek out small, artisan bakeries that use wholesome and organic ingredients.  Farmers Markets are always brimming with gorgeous baked goodies at this time of year.

For healthy and allergy friendly hot cross buns you can make yourself, you can’t go past these beauties by Australian chef, Theresa Cutter.

Find full recipe here.


Wishing you all a safe, happy and peaceful Easter, from all of us here at Eco Toys. x

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