Green Toys Tractor Toy Review

Three year old Master Tiger loves diggers and tractors and is always on the lookout for them. So when the Green Toys Tractor arrived in the mail, Master Tiger was overjoyed.
At first glance the Tractor didn’t resemble a toy made of plastic. With an earthy orange body, large black chunky tyres and a detachable trailer it is a pretty good replica of the real thing. It came in a recyclable box and the Tractor itself is 100% up-cycled from plastic milk containers. It was great to be able to show Master Tiger a concrete example of what could happen to items in our recycling bin instead of just abstractly telling him that it goes to a recycling facility.
As he removed the Green Toys Tractor from the box his eyes twinkled and he beamed a big bright smile, inspected it for a while, sat on it and then went for a ride !  Some farm animals had a ride too. He kept watching the different sized tyres spin, how the trailer moved as the tractor went faster, slower, in reverse and over ‘bumps’. He realised he couldn’t put too many animals in the trailer as otherwise it would be too heavy to pull along – this also led us to play a simple counting game. He even narrated a short story he made up himself. It was pure simple fun but very engaging as his eyes, hands, feet and mind were all getting a workout.
We also took it outdoors for some fun in the sandpit and both one year old Little Missy and Master Tiger enjoyed this very much. A gender neutral toy, the Tractor appealed to both and it was great to watch them play together filling it up with sand, toppling it over and over again and then afterwards taking it for a drive through the lush green ‘meadow’. He said it reminded him of the Ninky Nonk from In the Night Garden TV show.
Curiosity coupled with imagination makes for an engaging play experience. Non-battery operated toys like this Tractor facilitates this well prompting my children to explore, think, create and direct their own play sequence limited only by imagination and not because the batteries ran out.
Review written by Li Mei mummy to 1 year old Little Missy and 3 year old Master Tiger
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    Your review makes me want to play and own one too.

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