Eco Science Toys Review


Eco Science Toys by Green Science is a fantastic way to introduce children to the “reuse” part of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra. The kit contains instructions and parts to construct seven toys, using recyclable materials from the home. The box says 8+ years but my 6 year old is a budding scientist and a self-proclaimer “maker” so she wanted in on the fun too.


It took me a while to scrounge up the necessary parts to construct some toys and find the time to give the project my undivided attention. Unless you have an extremely capable older child I recommend supervising or actively helping with the construction of the toys. The instructions were clear for me to follow but my 9 year old didn’t know what all the components were called.

The first toy we made was the Shopping Bag Parachute. I found I did most of the assembly until we got to the “Spacewoman” (as my girls dubbed her) and then they took over. This toy was incredibly easy to make and testing it out was so much fun!

Next was the Cartesian Diver. The science in this is fascinating, and my girls were intrigued. Once we dropped all the “weights” in my 9 year old pointed out that it would be tricky to pick them up, as our plastic bottle didn’t have a flat base! This led naturally to experimentation, as they angled the bottle to see if they could change the direction of the diver. And it worked! All three of us felt immense glee at picking up our first weight.



The last toy for the session was the Hover Disc. Using a balloon and an old CD we created a mini hovercraft on the kitchen table that made a hilarious noise as the balloon deflated. We tested how the CD didn’t move easily while the balloon was deflated but whizzed around as the air came whooshing out.



Both girls enjoyed the science and the fun of building toys from scavenged materials. We’re looking forward to making the other toys as soon as we can collect the necessary items. For something fun to do with your children, with the added bonus of educational and eco-friendly, this Eco Science Toys kit is a fantastic kit to try!


Eco Toys stocks a range of eco science kits that encourage both boys and girls to re-use materials to construct, learn and do experiments with.


Review written by Stacey Larner, mum to two girls 9 and 6 and a 2 year old boy.

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