The dangers of plastic toys in our modern world

As consumers it is easy to be lured into buying products we don’t really need.  Advertising fills our heads with unrealistic promises and our children, who are the most vulnerable are often exposed to images of brightly, coloured flashy plastics toys.  As parents it is our responsibility to educate our children on the dangers associated with many of the toxic products that are currently on the market. Those products might look appealing but there destruction on the environment and your child’s health make them a product that you should clearly stay away from.

Think about it.  Plastic toys often contain PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), Phthalates , BPA (Bisphenol A ) which is an endocrine disruptor that can mimic the body’s own hormones has been known to leach. Many synthetic and even some organic cotton based soft toys are filled with petroleum based polyfill which children sleep with and often suck on when teething.

It isn’t long since there was a major recall of baby products and toys because there was lead inside that pretty coloured paint.  If your toddler sucks on a lead-painted toy for any length of time he or she is at risk of lead poisoning.  As parents, we can’t just leave all the safety assessments in the hands of Consumer Affairs.   We have to stand up and defend our children from these dangers.

Modern toys are designed to amuse and distract children and are often noisy and over stimulating. Our children grow up watching so much TV and having moving, noise making toys around them from the moment they are born. So much distraction along with other environmental factors such as food and chemicals is one reason that so many children are now diagnosed with ADD or learning difficulties.

While these toys turn our children into couch-sitting button pushers, their creation and disposal is causing huge damage to the environment.  Where do you think all those used batteries go?  Can you imagine what happens when all that acid leaches into the soil?

Environmentally friendly toys don’t harm the environment or your child. They include wooden toys and those made by recycling our waste plastics and other materials.



The natural textures of wooden toys stimulate your child’s senses as they invite children to touch, feel and explore. Babies learn about their world by touching, smelling and tasting objects. We all know they love putting things in their mouth and as parents we should feel confident in knowing that these toys are chemical free and 100% safe, non-toxic and of course sustainable!

Environmentally friendly toys are made from natural, recycled, chemical free and / or organic materials. At Eco Toys we go a step beyond that and look for toys as close to nature as possible which is why we are the only toy store to provide a huge range of baby toys  that are also free from paints and lacquers.

Eco Toys are free of toxins and they are produced in such a way that they will leave the world a healthy place in which to live.

The toys made from recycled products are a clever way of reducing the amount of landfill we have to cope with as well as in reducing the amount of plastic being manufactured.  The materials are food grade safe and have been tested and no traces of BPA’s and other toxins have been found.


Environmentally friendly toys encourage your child to be active.  They don’t run on batteries.  They require interaction so your child has to get moving to make the toy work.  Children feel a sense of satisfaction when they can create action.

Wooden toys have a feel like nothing plastic could ever reproduce.  They have a smell that appeals and they make a satisfying and solid sound as they are pushed around.  Wooden toys play with the senses and stimulate the imagination.  They are tough and incredibly durable. Wooden toys are much easier to clean than plastic toys. Did you know that bacteria cannot reproduce on wood?

You know, kids don’t really need fancy and expensive gifts.  Many times they end up playing with the box the gift came in instead of the actual gift.  They love to be able to make a toy do something just through their own actions instead of by pushing a button. Buy them a toy that will last for years and that will be part of their special memories of childhood.

It’s your responsibility to make the right choices for your child.  When it comes to buying toys there should be no question in your mind.  Environmentally friendly toys are the best and healthiest for your children and for the environment.

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