Sowing Seeds with Kids


Spring is an exciting time in the garden, especially for children.  The outdoors is a sensory delight, the scent and colour of the flowers in bloom, and the droning of the bees around them, the birds building their nests. The days and the soil are warming up. It’s a perfect time to venture outside to sow your own seeds with your little ones.

Here’s how:

–          Firstly soak your seeds in warm water for 15-20minutes to speed up germination. This softens the hard case around the seed.

–          Fill a container with slightly moist seed-raising mix and flatten down. Soft drink or milk containers cut in half make great seedling pots. My girls love using their little hand trowels for filling the pots but it can get messy so I put a bucket under the container to catch the spills.


 –          Sprinkle the seeds over the seed raising mix. Children are fascinated with the different shapes and sizes of seeds, and to be honest, so am I. Pea, bean, beetroot, silverbeet and sunflower seeds are a great size for their little fingers.

–          ‘Put the seed to bed’ with a light cover of seed raising mix.

–          Give it a sprinkle of water and continue to keep the soil moist. You can even get a spray bottle and the kids can give it a mist morning and night.

–          Label your seed punnet with an icy-pole stick.

–         Seeds need to be kept warm and snuggly to germinate. You can create a mini greenhouse by placing the seed punnet in a plastic bag and putting an elastic band around the end and placing it on a sunny window sill.

–          Enjoy the wonder of your children as you watch your seedlings emerge from the soil!


Article written by Jenna Farrington- Seear, Garden Specialist – Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, Montmorency South Primary School.

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