Why choose Eco Toys this Christmas?

With the pressure of the Christmas season fast approaching, it can be difficult to choose the best present for a child. What can you buy that the child will love but that won’t harm the environment?

Our children are our future so we need to nurture them, as well as the environment that they are growing in.  You’re probably well aware that Christmas can be a recycling nightmare. What you might not realise is just how drastic the total impact is.

Christmas celebrations are one of the major contributors to the 40 million tonnes of waste that Australians produce on a yearly basis. Think of all the plastic toys and all the batteries those toys need to make them work.  They all end up in landfill, and let’s not even think about the pollution of the manufacturing process!

But this is not only impacting the environment, it also impacts our wallets.  Did you know that Australians spent an astounding $38.7 billion in 2009 for Christmas celebrations and that equates to 13 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions?  All that money just to destroy a world and the children we should be protecting.

Did you know that there have been concerns about the effect of technology on our children?  Scientists believe that overstimulation of children’s senses with common technology leads to behavioural disorder effects on the brain development of young children.  Why expose our children to these risks unnecessarily?

By now you’ve probably heard about the potential dangers in relation to toys that children commonly receive.  Common plastics, such as those that are used in toys, can contain an ingredient known as bisphenol-A (also known as BPA), which has been proven to “leach” from plastics over time and is associated with some dramatic effects on the hormonal (endocrine) system.  The use of acrylic and oil-based paints has also been associated with the development of childhood leukaemia and lead poisoning.  Why are these toys still available at all?

MediaMouse tells us that over 50% of the toys sold under the Mattel and Disney brands are made in China.  We know about the recall of the Mattel toys a couple of years ago but what about the child labour being used to create these toys?  There is no good reason to buy toys that have left a trail of human and environmental destruction behind them.

There is a better way and we at Eco Toys have done all the hard work for you to ensure our toys provide much benefit to the health and well-being of your children, not just now but for the rest of their lives.  We are parents ourselves so it’s our passion.

The Eco Toys range of toys are made from natural resources such as sustainable wood and the natural fibres of wool and certified organic cotton.  The wood, harvested from recycled rubber trees, is naturally antibacterial, so should your child chew or suck on the toy, you can be assured of no nasty effects.  There are no lead paints, no plastics and no hidden chemicals in our products.

Our toys are handmade with love and because they aren’t programmed by some computer chip, kids can play with them in whatever way their imaginations create.

There’s just nothing like wood to invite a child to learn through free play, creativity and use of their imagination whilst exploring all of their senses through touch, taste and smell – that smell is enough to remind the senses of Christmas all on its own!  Real toys have texture and smell that is natural and not plastic.  The smell of our organic cotton toys is fresh and pure, and very inviting to snuggle up with.

Eco Toys care for the health and well-being of your children, not just now but for the rest of their lives.

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