New Pure Organic Charlie Bears

Meet Larlie the Bear, Poppa the Puppy, Marley the Mouse and Barley the Sleepy Little Lamb! Our new range of Charlie Bears.  We absolutely love with them and so will your child.  Have you ever seen bears so cuddly and lovable?

Did you have a special teddy when you were growing up?  So many of us did.  If you ask your parents you will probably find that they can tell you everything about the teddy you loved.  They mean that much to us as children.

However what we didn’t know then was that teddies are often made from toxic materials and dyes.  The colours, the polyfill stuffing, the fluffy outer materials can all be a danger.  Just think what your baby inhales as they snuggle up to teddy every night.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to introduce these gorgeous new soft toys. They are made from 100% organic cotton so they are much safer for your child and for the environment. The range is filled with stuffing made from recycled bottles and every bear is completely safe for use with children right from birth.  All of the dyes are organic and have been tested and registered with the Ecological and Toxicological Association of dyes and organic pigment manufacturers (ETAD).


The Charlie Bear organic range is made in Sri Lanka and the warehouses where they are produced are ethically sound.   Charlie and William, the owners of Charlie bears, were determined that they production of the toys was not going to harm the environment in any way so they spent five years designing the process that lead to the manufacture of the toys.  All the toys are handmade under strict regulations .

Your child won’t care if their first teddy is made of organically produced materials. He or she will just love the bear but you can relax, knowing that your child can love our Charlie Bears without the toxic chemicals.

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