Father’s day Give-away – Win an Automoblox X9X limited edition car!

With Father’s Day around the corner we thought that it would be a great opportunity to celebrate fatherhood and have a give-away to say thank you for being part of our community.

So what’s up for grabs? Embrace yourself Dads . . . this prize has been picked out by hubby himself and going by the amount of dads that had fun playing with this toy at the Baby Expo, I’m sure it’s going to be a winner!

This limited edition Automoblox X9X is no longer being manufactured and we have one of the last few available to give-away!

With deep grassy accents and rugged charcoal wheels, the X9X is adventure play in style. Featuring running boards, front and rear skid plates, a roof rack and a spare tire, the X9X is equipt to tackle the craggy mountain trails and stark canyon floors at the far edge of imagination’s landscape.

Yep, Dads all around Australia can go in the draw to WIN one these beauties, for their children of course!

Automoblox is an awarding winning interchangeable wooden toy  that encourages children to produce vehicles of their own creation using their imagination.

To enter simply like this page on (like button on left side of page) and then tell us below why you should WIN this awesome car. Anyone can enter on behalf of Dads but they must live in Australia.


Competition closes midnight EST next Saturday 3rd September 2011 and winner will be drawn using ramdom.org on Father’s Day.

Good Luck Dads!


Top image courtesy of The Examiner.com

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67 Responses to “Father’s day Give-away – Win an Automoblox X9X limited edition car!”

  1. Tracey McAuliffe says:

    After a tragic and emotional start to parenthood with my beautiful and supportive, yet mechanically challenged husband i can’t think of a better gift for him to bond with his beautiful daughter. She will know more about the car then he will. LOL!

  2. Melinda says:

    Thank you to everyone who entered & spread to the word about our 2011 Father’s Day competition to WIN an Automoblox X9X!

    We are pleased to announce a winner using ramdom.org

    Congratulations to Glenys!!!!

    And a big Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there x

  3. Rachelle Schloeffel says:

    Because this car is WHEEL BUMPER value.
    And my Dad would love it too.

  4. Sara says:

    My Dads the type that would study this and then make a copy for each of his grandchildren only a supped up special version in there name

  5. Linda says:

    what a little beauty! eco friendly tops it off!

  6. Lisa Fairbridge says:

    I would love to win this for my dad. He used to be a mechanic and old cars was something he loved to fix up. Unfortunately due to a back injury he had to stop working on cars. This would be an awesome present for him. I would love to win it for him.

  7. Louis T says:

    Automoblox definitely Rocks my Sox!

  8. Ramona says:

    Nice little car!

  9. Rebecca says:

    A truly amazing car, something special for my son and his dad to play together making special memories.

  10. Amanda Gorton says:

    Dad is a car fanatic,
    An Automoblox would make him ecstatic,
    A very valuable toy,
    when it brings so much joy!

  11. Paula Lester says:

    A dad who is obsessed with vintage ‘project’ cars and tinkering with all things mechanical – big or small it can be built or re-built. The Automoblox X9X green beauty is the perfect auto project for dad & daughter & a perfect start to the Automoblox collection! It looks tuff & built with love! All up – a brilliant & forever first fathers day surprise!

  12. Isobel says:

    I should win this because I can see how perfect it is! Definitely a Fathers Day present to delight Hubby!

  13. Bee says:

    We were recently sorting out our garage and my hubby came across an old Ferrari car that he played with as a child. Our daughter of course saw it, so daddy let her play with it and I guess that old plastic cars aren’t made of such tough stuff that she soon brought it back to us with a wheel misisng. Daddy wasn’t surprised that it had failed the toddler test but I could tell he was mildly disppointed that it had to be put away. I’m sure this gorgeous and very stylish car would easily and satisfactorily replace his car, and I’m sure he’d be secretly delighted to have one that he could play with, with his daughter.

  14. Elizabeth Davey says:

    my dad drives for a living, so a car toy is not his thing, but to have a cool car like poppy’s is perfect for the up and coming 3 year old twins

  15. Yvonne says:

    what an awesome little car and eco friendly too. lol.

  16. Tess Howard says:

    With Poppy an ex race car driver, and Dad a car ‘aficionado’, this little beauty would fit right into the family!

  17. steph ebzery says:

    My dad is a car nut. He grew up racing go karts, then graduated to speedway. Became a mechanic and also ran his own auto-parts shop. He’s worked hard his whole life so would be nice to give a small gift I know He’d adore to show him we appreciate him. 🙂

  18. Sally Edwards says:

    What an awesome car. I know some little and big boys in my house who would love this!

  19. Hazel Milenkovic says:

    Forget dad, if I win I’m keeping it.

  20. Joanne says:

    My Dad can’t afford cars like Jay Leno, so I’d love to give him this one.

  21. Jo Watson says:

    I’ve heard LOTS about Automoblox, what’s not to love plus it’s super styling for Dad and toddler to go broom broom all day long…..Happy Dads day!

  22. kristy says:

    My son would cherish this car, he loves to collect models and unique toys it would take pride of place on his shelf forever.

  23. Woon How says:

    These Eco -friendly toys will transform my dad into the good old times as boys!

  24. Glenys says:

    I bought my autistic grandson a set of automoblox a couple of years ago. There are 3 in his set and he can interchange the parts. This car is certainly a step up and I know he would love it (so would his Dad).

    • Melinda says:

      Congratulations Glenys! You have been picked by ramdom.org as the winner of our 2011 Father’s Day give-away and have won yourself a limited edition Automoblox X9X.

  25. Heather says:

    It is great that we get to be kids again and find excuses to play with our kids toys!

  26. Jessica says:

    We would love to win this awesome car because it’s eco, green, wooden and looks like a lot of fun!

  27. Paige says:

    Green is my partner’s favourite colour, and I can just imagine him and our son having hours of fun with this gorgeous and well-made car.

  28. Jacoba Evans says:

    Beautifully green in colour, environmentally green, a truly magnificent toy car to be used with a green imagination. It would make everyone green with envy if my son won it. I know he will share though.

  29. Daina says:

    Great toy for both dad and the kids!

  30. kristy says:

    I have just had a baby boy and I’d love for him to have a REAL toy. Something made with love by real people instead of the plastic muck made by machines that seems to be everywhere these days.

  31. Belinda says:

    Automobiles my my son squeal. His Daddys revved up, but his my sweet buttercup. This little toy would bring great joy to our family. Happy fathers day everyone. Xo

  32. Kylie says:

    My husband would go nuts over this! He squeezes every drip of fun into the play time he spends with our 18 motnh old son and I would love to see what kooky adventures those two could get up to with this amazing toy.
    Here’s to engaged, hands-on, loving Dads everywhere!

  33. alex says:

    My husband is a complete motorhead. He loves cars, especially rallying. He loves to sit our one year on his lap when moving the cars in the drive-way. He’s bought her a few plastic play cars. Me on the other hand I prefer the wooden toys so this would be perfect for all of us!!!!

  34. My hubby spends hours every day playing with our two little girls: painting, cars, reading, dolls, and even teaching them karate! If he wins this, he’ll have his own toy to bring in their games. And I know he’d love it 🙂

  35. Natalie B says:

    I’d love to win this for my husband for his first Father’s day – I can see him having hours of fun, imaginative, and ECO-friendly play with our daughter with it!

  36. Christie says:

    My father had one toy when he was a boy, which was an old tin car, it still sits on a shelf where no one can reach it!!
    Us kids always wanted to touch it and play with it, however it obviously was precious and his Only toy, I now understand his attachment to this old tin car, that has one broken wheel.

    I would love to give him this car as I know the child in him is so still their, and I can imagine him playing with it with my three year old son, his grandson which he deeply adores. “How often do Fathers get given a toy?? We so know they really do never grow up!!” I secretly know he would be very chuffed…

    Warmest regards

  37. Lea says:

    My son is blessed with a Dad who spends loads of time playing cars with him – they would have an absolute ball with this Automoblox X9X – I’ve got my fingers crossed that we win 😀

  38. Kim says:

    I would love to win this for my hubby because he will have just as much fun playing with it as our son would.

  39. Ann Niddrie says:

    After a semi trailer crashed through the back of our car at a set of lights recently we are in the market for a new car. As we want our next car to be as ‘green’ as a car can possibly be, this looks like the one for us!!

  40. Melinda Douloudis says:

    Our sons birthday falls on Father’s Day this year, and although that in itself is the perfect gift, I know ‘Dad’ would love a big boy toy of his own. Plus he has been drooling over this car for a couple of weeks now.

  41. Robbie says:

    We have purchased these cars for presents for friends in the past as they are such good quality and such a great gift (being interchangeable).
    My husband has always wanted one for himself, but have resisted the urge to buy one. Since he has recently being made redundant it would be so nice for our 2 boys to be able to give him one for fathers day

  42. Bec says:

    I can just imagine all the adventures our kids will get up to with their Dad with this little stunner.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. Tania Verdez says:

    My dearest darling husband Adam should win this because, quite simply, he is the best Dad any child could ever ask for, and he deserves to be rewarded for all his hard work and general awesomeness.

  44. Angela says:

    What a beautiful toy! The three special boys in my life would love it – especially my hubby!

  45. Jess says:

    Just the thing to get dad and the kids away from the computer games and off to the park!

  46. Melita says:

    My 3 boys (& husband!!) would love this. They love the other Automoblox we have. They can often all be found on the floor playing with them!

  47. Kathryn says:

    Hamish (6) and his Dad love making stuff together. The “engineering” of this lovely vehicle will appeal to car-makers in both of them. A toy to make memories with.

  48. Leanne Gaudry says:

    This is a stunning item, I love it and I’m certain that it would be a well loved toy in our house and fought over between the adults and the kids 🙂

  49. Our dad has kept us safe through two really big cyclones AND spent ages fixing up the farmhouse after, twice-But he still makes heaps of time to play with his six kids- He is hilarious and awesome and would LOVE this very cool car!

  50. Melissa says:

    My two boys (husband and son) will have much fun with this in their imaginative-play. Also looks like it is made to last – hopefully my husband will eventually pass it onto our little one (13mo) and in the future our little one will be able to pass it on to his child(ren)!

  51. Marie Pohnetalova says:

    He’s always wanted a grand prix car but ‘Vettel’ do nicely!

  52. roberto colombi says:

    it’s breath-takingly good – dad has always wanted a ‘Vroom with a Phew’!

  53. joey says:

    I MUST have! I MUST have! Simple as that, it’s a cool trendy toy, different than all the ones out there today. Biggest problem would be trying to work out who deserved it the most!

  54. Jessie Boan says:

    We need a new family car for baby #4, by my DH will miss out. I would love to give him this as his “new car” to make up for it ;0)

  55. Laura Carey says:

    My friends’ toddler has more toys than a child needs. All plastic, battery driven, badly made toys. This car is better than any of them!

  56. Chloe says:

    What a wonderful creation 🙂

  57. shellie drysdale says:

    chris has cooked dinner ever night since our first son was born 5 years aho. he does the grocery shopping too. this would be great for him to play with our three sons (while i cook dinner!)

  58. leanne says:

    My 3 boys are in there 20s and they would love this car. There would be a fight wiith all the males in the house who would get it

  59. sabine says:

    My little boy is only 15 months and already a car nut. He looks at Daddy’s model collection with eyes like saucers. I know that they will be enjoying this hobby together for years to come!

  60. Great for kids and adults to get their creative juices flowing

  61. Tracy Boulter says:

    This is one awesome green machine, I would love to win it for my Dad as he is of the old school and respects the environment.

  62. sharyn h says:

    my hubby/dad to my 2 children is an awesome dad who has been so very supportive – for example, he has not minded that both our children are in bed with us (due to both being very wakeful babies/toddlers and it was the only way i can get some sleep).

  63. Virginia Mason says:

    Automoblox cars are incredibly cool and tough and will be great for our Dad to play with as he is a child at heart.

  64. Danielle says:

    With two boys my hubby is enjoying revisiting his childhood! I’m sure he would love this.

  65. Barbara N says:

    It’s easy maintenance and the fuel price is a dream

  66. Melissa says:

    My dad should win this as he has been th emost supportive dad. He has raised me on his own since I was 7 and even did all the girly things like buy me pads when I was too embarassed to go buy them. Of course now I can buy them myself HAHA but it meant and still means a lot that he would do that as he is a real blokey bloke

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