5 Easy Ways to go Green

In the “olden days” there wasn’t anything like energy efficient light bulbs, different bins for rubbish, recycling, green waste, energy efficient appliances or electric cars. Our kids are growing up in a society where the focus on conserving and protecting the environment is going to be second nature to them.

I am often asked about what parents should be doing to “go green” and instil in their kids good habits that will help the environment.   The important thing to do is make it as easy as possible so here are my five easy ways to go green:

1. Conserve water and energy. Yes, you have heard it before. But set up a family challenge: study your most recent electricity bill, the greenhouse gas emissions and how much electricity as a family you used. Then make it a game for the next billing period to reduce the bill. Turn off lights, TVs and music in rooms not being used. Have shorter showers.

2. Help the kids start a compost pile and/or worm farm. Save your green waste including grass and garden clippings.

3. Use canvas or reusable shopping bags every single time you go shopping. Also invest in some reusable net produce bags or make your own (pdf download).

4. Walk more and drive less. Reduce your trips out in the car, try and do all your shopping or errands in one trip instead of taking your car out numerous times a day.

5. Reduce the rubbish you send in your kids lunch boxes. Use food containers that can be reused and are made of non-toxic products.

It might take a bit of practice but little by little you can encourage your kids to develop a real respect and passion for preserving the environment and doing their bit to protect the earth.

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