Green Toys Give-away!

Did you know that our range of Green Toys are made from 100% recycled milk containers, are BPA, Phthalate and PVC-free and also packed in recycled cardboard? 

So to celebrate the count down to Christmas we are giving away a toy every week to our followers and this week it’s one of our fabulous Green Toys



To enter simply tell us below which Green toy is your favourite and why. Competition ends next Friday 12th November 2010 at midnight EST and is open to Australian addresses only.

Good Luck!

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196 Responses to “Green Toys Give-away!”

  1. Anna says:

    We love our beach sets. They are so sturdy and the rope handle adds a touch of whimsy and is indestructible!

  2. Christine says:

    I love the tea set. The lovely soft pastel colours are so girly and feminine!

  3. Melinda says:

    Ok so the winner has been drawn and contacted. Congratulations to Cass Sutherland from QLD who has won her son the Green Toys Tea Set!

    I’m sure Cass will be enjoying lots of great tea parties with her son for the years to come.

  4. Melinda says:

    Thank you everyone for your entering our Green Toys give-away. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your replies!

    The competition is now closed and we will be announcing the winner soon. Once lucky child will have their favourite Green Toy delivered to them next week by the green fairy . . Good Luck!

  5. Laura says:

    Totally the cook ware set. My two and a half year old loves to copy me cook and usually tries to ‘help’ me. So with that I could keep her busy and I could get on with the cooking!

  6. Cara Clark says:

    Can i say all of them?? they are all just so beautiful! the colours and the fact that they are made from recycled fabric are such fantastic features!
    I think if i absolutely had to pick just one it would be the cookware set. it is so hard to find small bpa-free cooking things that are suitable for kids!

  7. Carole Amai says:

    My 3 year old has recently discovered the joy of sharing a tea party with friends – how much better would it be with her own set !!

  8. Katrina C says:

    I think the recycling truck is fantastic!
    Safe for my son the play with as he also learns about recycling!

    Great idea for toys!

  9. Jasmine says:

    Mine would have to be the pink jump rope reminds me of one I had as a kid, I loved that rope.

  10. Kara-lee says:

    The cooking set is my favourite from the Green toys range. My daughter non stop plays with it. I am always worried about buying toys that end up in landfill or are using new materials its such a waste on the environment however these cook sets are SO durable and great fun!!

  11. Terri says:

    I love the jump rope because not only is it good for the environment, it’s good for your health!!

  12. Amanda Elizabeth says:

    The skipping rope would be great, the actual white rope looks lovely and soft (for tantrums), the pink handles look so ergonomic for tiny little fingers. I realised just yesterday that my Miss 3 needs a good skipping rope as she was trying to skip with offcuts my hubby (her daddy) had for fixing our shutters on our house! I felt so guilty and cheap 😛

  13. Sally says:

    I love them all! But I think that the recycling truck is the cleverest. I love the fact that it teaches about recycling and is actually made from recycled materials. My baby girl would love to push it around and put things into it and then take them out again. And when she is older she can learn about sorting recycled waste. I think it is a toy with lasting power. Awesome!

  14. Kate says:

    I would have to say the tea party set. I have 3 boys, and gradually gradually I have been able to convince my husband that boys don’t have to play exclusively with trucks and cars to become well balanced men. He was convinced for a while there that dressups and anything vaguely girly would turn them into transvestites! So we are slowly starting a kitchen corner, with old saucepans and things like that, all they need now is a crockery and cutlery set!
    Thank you for this chance!

  15. Amy Syvertsen says:

    Hi, I think the green recycling truck is fantastic! I just love the whole concept of how it’s made and then also the play aspect of teaching good recycling habits.

  16. sommy says:

    The skipping rope is extra cute,so good Green item

  17. Kerin Norris says:

    The Green Toys Dump Truck is my favorite, I bought it for my grandson, my daughter (his Mum) is trying to faze out the old plastic toys and replace them with eco friendly. Up until now my Grandson would tip his sisters barbie doll truck on its side to play with the wheels, now (after his birthday next week) he will have his very own Bright Red and Yellow Dump Truck, what more could any little boy want!

  18. Peter Gloster says:

    My baby girl would just LOVE the recycling truck. She crazy about wheels and what a wonderful way to indroduce the concept of recycling to a child.

  19. Jenny says:

    I love the teaset as it’s really cute and kids would enjoy playing with it BUT my 5yo would go for the dump truck because he loves trucks.

  20. Samantha says:

    My favourite is the tea set…absolutely perfect for little tea parties with ‘pearl tea’ (warm water with a dash of milk and vanilla). It’s so hard to find a tea set for little people that is unbreakable, stylish and resourceful and the green toys tea set ticks all the boxes here! It’s gorgeous and I think my daughters would love it…invites in the mail already for a tea party!!

  21. margie says:

    My little princess so needs the tea set. Such a great idea, hoping all toys will soon be made like this, perhaps no more cancers in our ever changing world.

  22. Catherine Hantsche says:

    I love them all but love the dump truck and the garbage truck so sturyd and robust as my 17 mnth old tends to be rather heavy handed, these trucks are lovely and solid and in great colours and of couse BPA,Phthalate and PVC free so as he is very oral It would be a great assurance knowing they are totally safe. Of course can’t forget the packaging totally recycable so important these days as we need to reduce our landfill

  23. Anna says:

    With the weather warming up the Green Sand Play Set would be a hit with my 2-year-old!

  24. Heidi Fraser says:

    Well I’m going to go with the dump truck because not only is it the toughest, coolest looking dump truck I’ve ever seen 😀 it’s made from recycled plastic that is safe from all the nasties! so I know that my two boys can play, hug, kiss, eat food off their dump truck to their heart’s content without me having to worry about the health implications associated with most plastic toys 😛

  25. Renee says:

    Hands down the Green Toys Recycling Truck is my favourite… because of my garbage truck obsessed little boy 🙂
    We watch the trucks go up & down our street and spend the time in between watching more garbage trucks on you tube! I’d love to stimulate his dramatic play with this eco-friendly truck made from the plastics we send off in our recycling bin.

  26. My little grandson is mad about rubbish trucks. I would love to win one of these for my Jack jack, he would be over the moon.

  27. sarahjane says:

    Recycling truck, not only is it made friendly it teaches them ecofriendliness too. love it

  28. sharon brown says:

    Love the rubbish truck! My fav because it represents all that we throw away, yet could also be a great symbol of fantastic recycling!

  29. Gabrielle says:

    The cookware set – I am hoping it will stop my little one pulling out the breakable real stuff & when she gets older will let her cook like mummy safely & will even be safe to play with real food 🙂

  30. Simone says:

    My 2.5 yr old just looooves tea parties, she sits her buzz & woody dolls down and acts out the tea party scene from tinkerbell. So for Christmas I have bought the Eco store tea party set and would love the cookware to go along with it.

  31. Adam Carroll says:

    Skipping rope! so sturdy and strong

  32. Melissa White says:

    The dump truck! Perfect for a xmas gift!

  33. Barbara says:

    Loving the tea set. I love playing little tea parties…so cute!

  34. Jasmine says:

    Sand Play Set because every week when we go to the beach, we can now build sandcastles and dig up sand

  35. Juliette Hirons says:

    My little girl Charlotte just loves trucks! And what better way to educate this new generation in protecting the environment, by providing them with recycled toys. The recycling truck would be loved by her and her new sibling for years to come.

  36. Kalynda Madge says:

    I love the cookware and dining set. My 16 month old daughter is a big fan of tea parties and loves trying to feed her teddies and give them cups of tea… she’d love it.

  37. Ernie says:

    The Recycling truck, it’s a green ‘green’ toy! And green is my little mans (or should I say litte monster’s) favourite colour.

  38. Diana says:

    The Dump truck, it’s the coolest & would make every little boys dreams come true.

  39. DD says:

    Green Toys Cookware Set – great for little girls and boys too. My brother used to love my cooking set & play with it even more than I did, when we were little. And I’m sure that both our broods would have an incredible time with this one if they got their mits on it.

  40. Harriet says:

    I have just made our first eco-toy purchase – the kitchen and cooking centre. This will be a Christmas present for my almost-2 year old. After much research I felt this wooden kitchen was the best choice given the plantation wood that is used and the manufacturers commitment to planting two trees for every tree used to make their beautiful toys. I can’t wait until the cooking centre arrives but I will have to keep it a secret until Christmas day!! This toy will bring years of imaginative play to our household.

  41. Gillian Fitzgerald says:

    My girls spend so much time together playing with their tea sets, serving tea and cake to every kind of animal and doll they can find. I know they’d spend hours cooking with the cookware set too.

  42. Renee says:

    Definitely the Tea Set. This gives hours of enjoyment and entertainment to both my children.

  43. kathy oakes says:

    The tea set is adorable. My twins are slightly obsessed with making cups of tea for everybody. It would be great to be able to serve our guests with a product that not only looks fantastic but that is environmentally friendly and safe for everyone.

  44. Mel0307 says:

    they are all great!
    but I think the Recycling truck is a great idea, as my boys love there trucks!

  45. Natalie says:

    The tea set is my favourite. They are great for serving real food and drinks in small portions. My son has a cooking set which we use for this and he always gobbles the lot! Its also good to know that you are serving food from materials that are environmentally friendly and safe and for children. The experience is a lot of fun and is so enriching for children (and adults!).

  46. kate crossley says:

    We love them all, but the recycling truck teaches the right environmental messages from an early age and provides endless hours of recycling fun!

  47. Jetta Lynch says:

    The dump truck for my truck mad two year old. I have been looking for a tough chunky truck and this looks perfect.

  48. Shani Burdon says:

    Our Green Toys tea set is great fun as our little girl is getting into pretend play now with all her toy friends. I love it because she can eat and drink from it without having to worry about plastic nasties.. and she loves to use it in the bath too.

  49. Renee says:

    My 3.5 and 1 year old adore the Green Toys Tea Set I recently purchased from Eco Toys, and I feel content knowing that my littlies are safe drinking ‘tea’, eating snacks and cup sucking. My boy loves pretending he’s running a cafe. What better compliment to the Tea Set than for them to have a Green Toys cookware set as well? (They might also stop trying to use my cookware too.)

  50. olga says:

    my kids go through so many skipping ropes they just rot or break, this looks strong and good to know it’s chemical free

  51. zunami white says:

    Every week on friday mornings we have to run out of the house in a mad rush as soon as my son hears the rubbish trucks come down the street. We use the opportunity to explain how our recycling is going off to be made into great things. The rubbish collector always waves and it is our little ritual. It would be great to give him his very own rubbish truck made out of the very recycled materials he watches getting carted away! A true example of what I have been teaching him.

  52. marie says:

    The tea set would provide endless fun and entertainment for my little girl and all her teddy friends.

  53. priscilla bingley says:

    I love the skipping rope,i have only ever found them in horrible plastic,this one would be special…

  54. Brooke Condon says:

    I love the recycling truck. What a great way to start getting the message of recycle to our young ones. What more could you want, a recycling truck made from recycled products with litle recycling shoots! so cute with such a great message.

  55. The sand/garden toys for us. My 21 month old daughter loves digging, in the dirt or the sand. And collecting snails/shells/rocks/twigs/flowers or eggs from our chickens, to cart around in a bucket. Not the raspberries or strawberries though – they don’t last long at all! Nature is the best playground isn’t it!

  56. Emily says:

    How do you choose one from such an amazing range of toys. As my boys are getting a beutiful wooden kitchen made by their grandfather for Christmas, the Cookware and dining set would be a wonderful compliment to that.

  57. Emma Lawrence says:

    What Child doesn’t love to pretend to make Tea like Mum and Dad. Definately the Tea Set

  58. Cheryl Surawski says:

    I love the recycling truck and my boy would love it too as he loves watching the rubbish collections every week. A great way to encourage him to learn about recycling by building on his interest in all things with wheels at the moment!

  59. Abbie says:

    I am about to embark on a project to make my daughter an eco friendly sandpit, just couldn’t stand her playing in the plastic clam shell! So the little sandpit set will go down a treat for her new play area.

  60. Lucinda says:

    Oh the fun my boys would have with the dump truck! Landscaping the sandpit with rocks, ‘trees'(usually small eucalypt branches!)and a pond- fantastic!

  61. Jessica Wentzel says:

    The tea set because I don’t feel concerned when my 2-year old daughter pours and drink warm liquids from BPA & PVC-free plastics as I do when someone presents her with “regular” plastic cups.

  62. Rachel says:

    How can you beat that lovely little beach set with summer on the way? I love the rope handle especially! Every time I see a huge bag full of plastic buckets and sand molds for 99c in the huge toy stores, I feel like crying as I picture the mountains of it sitting in landfill for decades to come. 🙁

  63. Renee Buckley says:

    All of the green toys are beautiful and well designed, however I know my little girl would go wild for the tea set as she has just started pretend play and already loves to bring mummy a cup of tea (sand), or a cake (a pile of leaves) she would have hours of fun playing with it and I would feel great knowing that they were made from recycled milk bottles and free from nasty toxins!

  64. amanda says:

    My 2 year old daughter would love the Cooking set, so she can “cook” while mummy is making dinner.

  65. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for finding such a responsible way for my little girl to be thoroughly irresponsible in the sand pit. I can just see the sand fly, transform and go down her throat with this set where at least I don’t have to worry about any chemicals.

  66. Dolla says:

    the tea cup set for sure, my 2 year old daughter still loves putting things in her month, even when she knows it’s pretend play, she would still suck on the spoons and cups. So I dont have to worry with any nasty re the green toy products!

  67. Rachel McBride says:

    Oh gosh! I (or should I say, my son!) would love any of them. But I think I will have to choose the sandpit toys, perfect for summer 🙂

  68. Amelia McNeill says:

    Definately the tea set, playtime without worries, imagination without long term damage environmentally or physically, and bonding time without the toy squarking at me or the kids!

  69. Rosemary Race says:

    Any of the eco toys would be great for our toy library. The kids just love the toys!

  70. Kristie says:

    Not only my fav cos it’s my favorite color but my sons as well…the garbage truck!!! Totally cool!!

  71. Hilary Larsen says:

    Even though I have a son my son loves cups of tea which was something that my mother and him use to do. I would have to go the tea set, the fact its 100% recycled plastic is fantastic. Thumbs up for all these eco toys! great idea

  72. Dimity says:

    A gift that gives twice…supporting the environment and giving great joy to a child and many hours of imaginative play for them.

  73. Lara says:

    I am always on the look out for environmentally sound, safe, gender-neutral toys that encourage outdoor play and a love of our environment. The beach is such a fun and wondrous place for many Australian childhoods that the green take on the classic beach set would have to be my favorite!

  74. Kate Smith says:

    The sand play set is my favourite toy,
    To teach bub new skills and have fun.
    It’s something we can do together,
    While out and about in the Summer sun.

  75. Kylie Orlando says:

    The cookware set would be such a huge hit with my 2 lil masterchef boys, but also a bit of nostalgia for me too 🙂

  76. Natalie says:

    I love the Green Toys Cookware set – perfect for imaginative play, and safe to touch (and suck.. and chew..!)

  77. Zara says:

    Deffinately the sand play set, my son loves to play in the garden and would enjoy playing with this.

  78. Lauren says:

    My little man would be so thrilled with excitement to have a green recycling truck to play with. He loves all things to do with trucks and the beep beeeeping will go on for hours at a time.

  79. Hannah says:

    My Godson is just about to walk and loves to kick things along in front of him as he walks along holding onto my finger. We would love to see the dump truck arrive just in time for his first birthday I am sure.

  80. Fiona says:

    Love the recycling truck, perfect colours to accentuate a great cause showing that fun toys can still be made without harming the earth!

  81. Jasmine says:

    My little button loves her tea set. Her and her dolly sit and chat over the empty cups – taking lids on and off from an early age was lots of fun too. It’s light and sturdy and the tea pot pours, plus it will never go rusty or break. It’s earth friendly, people friendly and fun!

  82. Tara says:

    My little Man would love the Green Recycling truck, each week, when the truck comes we race up the drive to wave to the driver, and he loves to help sort the rubbish for the bin, this would be an awesome way for him to play with the rubbish without the muck!

  83. Dina says:

    I’d have to say the Green Recycling Truck would be a definate winner at our house too. My 3yr old loves watching the Rubbish collecting in the morning. Also a great way for him to practice recycling himself! A great toy.

  84. Kate Callahan says:

    My children would absolutely love the tea set – they are always drinking “tea” from our current set, so it would be reassuring to know it’s from BPA free teacups – the mud and flower petals I just have to accept! Love your site.

  85. Annie says:

    The Green recycle truck would satisfy my son’s passion for sorting things and putting them where they belong

  86. holly says:

    thats a hard choice….they are all great and all have qualities my daughter would love. I would have to say my favorite thing is that they are all eco friendly!!!!!! In this disposable plastic world its refreshing that people are waking up to the need for cleaner, healthier and non toxic alternatives! If I had to choose one of the toys I think it would be the sand bucket as we just moved close to the beach!

  87. Louise says:

    I think the sand play set is the best. Nothing beats playing in the sand.. or water table.. or mud.. or at the river.. or in a puddle.. or even in the bath during summer!

  88. Kathryn Hill says:

    Both my little boy and girl love pretending to cook and make tea. The tea set is perfect as the are both still putting things in their mouths. I would have piece of mind the product in “nasties-free”!

  89. Sally says:

    They are all great, but my daughter would skip for a Green skipping rope. It sure beats the old bit of rope she found in the shed today.

  90. Chloe says:

    Definitely the cookware set for the junior masterchef of the house!

  91. Annaliese says:

    The Green recycle truck is the perfect gift today, whilst being a gift for the future of all children.

  92. Vicki Thomas says:

    The recycling truck would make my little boy squeal with excitement, or go ‘beep, beep, beep’ for the reversing. One of the most exciting parts of his week is watching the rubbish being collected and he points out rubbish trucks on the street.

  93. rennetta millington says:

    i can just picture my little ones discussing environmental issues as they sip their “tea” from the fantastic tea set, what a great way to share morning tea.

  94. Corli Claassen says:

    Little Lola (she’ll be 4 on 23 Nov) begs me for a skipping rope every time we passes one in the shops, but I refuse to buy anything that is hurting Mother Earth and I explain the reason to her. It would be wonderful to present her with the green skipping rope for her birthday and explain to her why she can have this one xxxx

  95. Erika says:

    My little girl and I love the Green Toys Cookware and Dinning Set and we love that you care!

  96. ilka says:

    Definately the red dump truck, my son’s fav colour and ideal for helping mum move soil in the vegie garden…

  97. Di says:

    My favourite is the Green Toys Dump Truck, because my son has hours of fun moving and dumping his toys with these trucks.

  98. Laura says:

    My favourite is the Sand Play Set. Bucket Spade and Folk look great bit a castle mould too – what fun my daughter have!

  99. femke says:

    The tea set – for all those teddy bear picnics that are happening round here on the porch. How many times a day do teddy bears drink tea?

  100. Leah Hall says:

    The teaset is my choice because it stands out from all other tea sets with its appealing colours and form. It has lasted lots of use in our home with play food and real food and even in the bath by boys and girls alike.

  101. Jaine says:

    The Eco Saucer is my fave. Could there be a better way to get (and keep) the kids playing outside?!

  102. Larabelle says:

    The Green Toys Cookware Set would be VERY warmly received by my Miss Four who is so disappointed she’s too young to “get into the TV and be on Masterchef” like her idols, Siena and Isabella!

  103. Barbara Mallam says:

    When I first learned that these toys were made from old milk containers- I had to feel it to believe it. The bucket set is the BEST and I just know that my son would love the dump truck.

  104. Cass says:

    I love the tea set! My son has just discovered my old teapot and has lots of fun making tea for mumma. I’d love for him to have his own tea set, especially one that is giving used milk containers a second life and reducing waste to landfill.

  105. Gertie says:

    Love the unisex teaset! Dont have to worry about breakages and cut fingers. Its high tea all round!

  106. Scott says:

    The sand pit set is hands down winner without a doubt. In the essence of ‘being green’ …. you can use it again and again from tiny tot to toddler then hand it down and know it will be used again and again!

  107. Flying Hawk says:

    My little boy is just starting to get into pretend play and until now I have struggled to find a tea set that I have been environmentally and health consciously happy with. He would love the tea set.

  108. karina says:

    The cooking and dining set. It’s nice to have high tea with my little godson.

  109. Kate says:

    A tea set that is gorgeous, safe to use (because you know they will want to and you will have to), good for our future and not pink. Hours and hours of fun.

  110. Sarah Kelso says:

    We love the tea set most, it is used often in the cubby house.

  111. Catlin Evans says:

    All such great toys, but I guess we’d love the sand bucket and spade because we don’t have anything like that and summer’s on the way!

  112. jess kelso says:

    I like the eco saucer the best , we have 4 boys and they would have a ball throwing the saucer to one another at the park.

  113. Kelly says:

    my fav is the recycle truck, i would love for my son to grow up with the concept and importance of recycling

  114. Jessica says:

    I love the recycle truck as it is not a toy that you can find in an average toy store and is such a great way to get kids interested in taking care of the environment at an early age. The kids at our playgroup would love it as we are all about teaching them to reuse recycled materials to create fun things at the moment. Great product 😉

  115. Di says:

    oooooo….i can’t choose…I love the garbage truck. my family daycare kids who are well known by our garbage truck drivers would love it

  116. natasha says:

    my daughter loves cooking with me and i think she will love the green toys cookware set. I love that it is not only bp, phthalate and pvc free but also recycled from milk cartons – how much more earth and human friendly can a product be? I love the whole concept.

  117. Anna says:

    The gorgeous cooking set. After playing with so many boys toys (which I still enjoy with my 2 boys) it would be a pleasant change to have some pretend play with my little girl.

  118. tracy lyness says:

    i have 4 girls which would love either the teaset or the skipping rope….my 5 yr old is just learning to skip so this would be a lovely present for her

  119. Clarinda says:

    With 3 boys I cannot go past the trucks! always a hit in this house

  120. Fiona says:

    The Sand Toys would be a big hit in our house. Hours of fun at the beach or in the sandpit.

  121. I would so love to share a ‘cuppa’ from the teaset with my little girl…..or drive the truck around the park. So excited to find such amazing toys… them

  122. Rachel Crane says:

    I love the teaset and dinnerware. My sons (1.5yrs & 4 yr)love to pretend to make me a coffee and cafe. They would love to play with these. Fantastic product.

  123. jinny says:

    i love the tea set, my little girl will spend hours to play with it while i m preparing her meal in kitchen.

  124. Megan Al Lawati says:

    I love the tea set- my 2 younger children love making pretend cups of tea for me to drink 😛

  125. Amie says:

    I love the green recycling truck – it is not only cute but kids can learn all about recycling as they play with a truck that itself was recyled! fabulous!

  126. Lara Zheng says:

    Oh my gosh, with a 101 kids (well 5!) everyday would be a tea party with that cute tea set!

  127. Jessica says:

    We have already have the Sand Play Set and it is so sturdy, my son loves it. We would love the recycling truck as my son loves to watch the garbage being collected each week from out the front window.

  128. Melissa says:

    My son LOVES his tea set and I love it too as it keeps him busy for ages 🙂

  129. Polly says:

    The Tea Set is a treat, tea for two on our tiny seats, a chance to pretend all day. A chance for fun play.

  130. Michelle says:

    My kids would love the tea set – my daughter and son would use it equally and have lots of fun together!

  131. Lauren says:

    I think the cookware set is great!
    It can be really hard to find “pretend play” toys that aren’t all pink!

  132. Anne M says:

    My daughter loves her tea set and cooking set. They still look fabulous after many hours of play. Next on the wish list is the truck!

  133. Emily says:

    The cookware and dining set looks great. My little boy just loves to ‘help’ me in the kitchen and he always heads over to play with the cooking pans/stove top at playgroup. It would be so nice for him to play with the safe cookware set rather than the toxic plastic alternatives, especially as i can see him doing lots of pretend drinking from those cups!

  134. Jane says:

    The gorgeous tea set is my favourite. My little girl loves pouring and drinking real drinks from her tea set, so I love that the tea set that is BPA-free. She loves the teapot because it looks “like Mummy’s one”!

  135. christine jolly says:

    Despite the pink pot, the green toys tea set is the least girly. I know girls AND boys both like to play pretend meals. But thumbs up to them. I think the tea set is my fave.

  136. Hazel says:

    Its just fabulous that these recylced plastic toys exist…and with summer around the corner and lots of time being spent at the beach we are going to love the ECO sand toys!

  137. Amanda says:

    I have 5 children under 7 and the boys out number the girls and it sure shows in the toys. My husband has had much fun buying for the boys the girls have missed out quite a bit.
    The cookware and dining set would be a great to start a special area for the girls to play

  138. Vanessa says:

    Cookware for sure. My little guy loves it. He could do with a tea set to go with it.


  139. Rachael Hofmann says:

    I love the sand pit toys as they are really sturdy and great shapes. Most sand pit toys are made from crap plastic and break after about a year.

  140. Andrew Scott says:

    my little man would love the recycling truck. he loves taking out the rubbish and helping around the kitchen, having him learn about recycling will be a great way to teach him about resources and set him up for life 🙂

  141. Amanda says:

    I know skipping looks like an easy thing to do
    but to a small child it’s as hard as learning to tie your shoe
    Once you master it, you’ll find it a breeze
    and in a few months you can skip with ease.
    My daughter this week mastered how to skip
    she’d actually been practicing quite a bit
    So I think the skipping rope she would really adore
    That way she won’t have to share with her big brother anymore.

  142. Zoe Lenz says:

    I love the recycled truck! Its made of good things and also helps spread the green message… WIN WIN!!

  143. Laura says:

    My 18 mo son would love the recycling truck so much! I love the red and yellow dump truck – it has attitude!

  144. Elleni says:

    I love the tea set! What better way to encourage children to involve themselves in dramatic play with recycle materials! I love Green Toys and that fact that they are made from recycled milk containers!

  145. shellie drysdale says:

    we have the tea party set and the dinner set. they are in the cupboard waiting for christmas – but the kids have seen them… cheeky things! they are brilliant. i am really impressed by the quality of them and love that they are recycled and safe for my kids to use (as they will eat off them) also they wont rust, or break. the colours are great – they look really good. they are perfect. just perfect 🙂

  146. Heidi says:

    The cookware & dining set are my favourite, definitely jump out at me as gorgeous and something my busy miss 2.5yr old would put to use in her kitchen.

  147. Rachel says:

    We picked up a seashell sand pit from a nearby hard rubbish collection today. Very happy campers! Our boy Dan would loooove either of the trucks to play in the sandpit.

  148. melissa scott says:

    green toys recycling truck. I love that it looks different to so many other trucks

  149. SewHappyJan says:

    I have just finished sewing beach bags for the girls, so the bucket and mould,would make a perfect addition to their Summer.

  150. Cass says:

    We have been eyeing off that dump truck for a while. My son would go CRAZY for it! I love the feel of the Green Toys – it’s the feel of ‘green’. :o)

  151. lily says:

    the sand play set is my fav!! i love that it can also be used in water play, carrying dolls, and even used as a drum with the bucket up side down.

  152. courtney says:

    the sand set is my favourite – so much fun to get outdoors and play

  153. sue petrie says:

    Sorry forgot i love the cookwear and dining set because my grandchildren love to play house with products that are not harming

  154. sharyn says:

    they all look great but my daughter and son would absolutely love the dump truck 🙂

  155. sue petrie says:

    how i love your eco toys they are so dependable and made from materials that are not harmful to the environment

  156. Monica says:

    Wow, can I say all of them? Well, the tea set we love…..big tea drinkers, so real fun play for morning and afternoon tea.


  157. Jewel Jackson says:

    I can confidently say, this is my favourite children’s product. I adore the red and yellow dump truck so does my 1.5 year old son. It is so big but so light weight. It is also SO realistic. Love Love Love it. Next we hope to get the sand buck and spades.

  158. Karen says:

    How cute is the tea set…absolute treasure…my little girl would love to play with this having all her friends over for a tea party…

  159. Emily says:

    The skipping rope! There’s only so much skipping you can do with a measuring tape!

  160. Derya says:

    My daughters would absolutely adore the dining and cookware set, and I’d have the peace of mind that they are playing with ‘green’ materials.

  161. Leah says:

    My nanny used to make us toys from plastic milk containers and these toys remind me of her. My girls would love the teaset <3

  162. kari says:

    The dump truck looks great: fun, sturdy, green, and ready to play in the dirt.

  163. domestic diva says:

    I love the recycle truck. my little one would flip over that.

  164. Nancy M. says:

    I like the dump truck.

  165. Suse Longley says:

    Love the dump truck, my 16month old son loves going ‘out’ and this is just the toy that he would love to play with outside. There are so many toys out there great to see some that are reusing some of our waste for the joy of children.

  166. The tea set, the tea set, we all love the tea set!

    Besides the fact it’s just so darn cute, the 0% BPA is a winner for me. It’s been so surprising to me the amount of baby products that are still made with this nasty pastie lurking.

    I would much prefer my darling girl play with this gorgeous tea set – learning about life and having fun at the same time, all while helping the environment… phew! – than some of the other toys/entertainment ‘options’ that are out there. It’s a constant battle and it would be great to be able to educate our friends and family about the fun toys that are on the market that don’t cost the earth… literally.

  167. I love them ALL – but the green recycling truck is awesome. It’s great that kids not only have an ethical toy, but that the toy keeps on recycling in the kiddie world! Our garbage truck comes past each Thursday at 4.30am. Unfortunately we all get woken and dragged to the window for the super exciting event by my little boy…I wonder whether his own truck would help us all to get more sleep?

  168. Alyra Shaw says:

    Recycled products – fantastic!
    My daughter loves giving everyone and everything in the house a drink from her water bottle so I think she would have heaps of fun with the tea set!

  169. Lucie C. says:

    Love the Recycling Truck it is super adorable and educational at the same time. My 2 year old son loves nothing more then a recycling and garbage truck coming past our house on Mondays as he patiently waits by the window are never too young to start learning about looking after our planet through play.

  170. Lynelle Marke says:

    REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE – The recycling truck is a great example of this principal and would be heaps of fun for my son to play with!

  171. Kirsty says:

    My 20mth old has just discovered a love of sandpits. How fantastic to know that when we get one built at our house we can provide her with the safe Green Toys Sand Play kit. What a great range of toys!

  172. Gail Nunes says:

    My one year old daughter loves garbage day.
    She loves the colour green and loves to play with her bigger sister’s trucks.
    It’s great that the recycling truck is made from recycled materials. It’s great too see words put into practice.

  173. Danielle says:

    I LOVE the tea set – to think that a tea set exists that is so eco friendly is just amazing! Good on you Green Toys!!! With that tea set I could show so many other mothers that conventional-type toys do exist on the eco-friendly market – it’s just just organic soft toys and wooden rattles out there!

  174. Leah says:

    The dump truck by far! Mostly so other vehicles could be taken for rides in the back, a favourite activity here 🙂

  175. Meg says:

    I so love the green recycling truck. My 16 month old boy would LOVE this as he loves anything with wheels and was so in awe of the recycling truck coming around this morning. Kept pointing and “talking” 😛 His fave colour is green too 🙂

  176. Rachel Morrissey says:

    With summer just around the corner, the sand castle bucket would be perfect when getting down to the beach.

    I do love the garbage truck, but I like the idea of getting my 18 mth old out into the sunshine. She especially loves to use tools, so would have no problem filling the bucket with sand.

    It is such a great idea, and it is a credit to you for bringing eco friendly products into our homes. Thanks.

  177. sam burnett says:

    though i adore the teaset,we already have several(not that it would hurt to have one more!)i would love the dump truck for my 3 1/2 yr old daughter.she loves cars+trucks+this would be fabulous for her to play with in the new sandpit daddy is building for them.i will be collecting all these lovely ecotoys as we are trying to replace all our plastic toys : )

  178. kylie May says:

    OH my! what a fab idea, I adore the recycling truck and i know my nearly 1yr old would as well ( his birthday is coming up), what a great way to teach and learn by example that being green can be fun as well as funky!
    I hope that more company’s pick up on this idea and hopefully we can all up-cycle together making a better environment for our children! and just goes to show that being a conscious buyer doesn’t mean you have to go without 🙂

  179. Laura Vince says:

    I would love to win the Tea Set for my little girl for xmas,I love the look of it & that it’s a “green” toy!
    She loves playing with tupperware but is yet to own her very own play tea set!
    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  180. Kim HayesSutcliffe says:

    The green recycling truck is my fav, awesome way to teach kids about the importance of recycling!!! Wonderful toys!!!!

  181. Danielle says:

    My boys would adore the dump truck! I can see them loading it up with random things from around the house and transporting them to places I’ll never find! What a great range of toys.

  182. Kristy Murray says:

    My son loves trucks, cars and practically anything on wheels so the recycling truck would be a HUGE hit! Everyweek when the garbage/recycle truck rolls up our street he runs to the window to watch. Having his own recycle truck would help incorporate the important message of recycling into his everyday play. Love the other green toys-if baby #2 is a girl then this would be something I would love to buy for her in the future. Great giveaways Eco-toys.

  183. Sharon Mulreany says:

    I LOVE the recycling truck. I have a 5yr old boy who still gets excited on bin day and waves at the men!

    But the Eco Saucer is pretty cool too! Lots of childhood memories with this one!!!

  184. Angela Parquist says:

    The Recycling Truck is definitely my fave. What a great way to discuss recycling through play. They can see us doing it every day in the home but to play the role is so much more fun for littlies. My 16 month old son would love it.

    The whole range is gorgeous! In my 6 year old daughters words “that skipping rope is way cool” :0}

  185. It would have to be the Recycling Truck. My son loves to wait by the door every Thursday morning waiting for our rubblish to be collected and to get a wave from the friendly truck driver! What better way to teach him about recycling than with a recycled toy 🙂

  186. Amy says:

    LOVE the dinnerset!!! My daughter loves playing pretend, but I worry about what she’s putting in her mouth. With the recycled plastics in this toy I wouldn’t have to worry! That and its just gorgeous, and such beautiful colours too!

  187. Nicolette Frith says:

    I love the tea set. It is so retro in style and colour :)Great for imaginative play and I can just picture my son (2yo) and daughter (4mo) playing tea parties with it when they are older, pouring and drinking their milk or iced tea from it.

  188. Kate Schultz says:

    I love, love, love the tea set!! I bought it for my daughter, after searching for a tea set that I would actually feel comfortable with her drinking from. And she loves it too!!

  189. Marnie Armstrong says:

    I love love the tea set!! My daughter would absolutely love it!!! Great work Eco Toys, you have such a fabulous website and blog!

  190. Bee Callaghan says:

    We just love the Tea Set, it is so well made and the colours are wonderful- it feels so nice in your hand too. But the main reason is that I can teach my child directly that it is a recycled toy as when I play tea party with her I grab the milk bottle out of the fridge to use as our ‘tea’- each time I let her look at the plastic the milk bottle is made from, let her feel it and see the tiny dots (the texture of the surface of the plastic) and then show her her tea cup etc and tell her it’s the same, see? And yes, she does see!

  191. cindy coventry says:

    ooooh I LOVE these Green Toys, especially the Cookware and Dining Set, as it is made from recycled milk conainers, and is free from nasty plastic and their chemicals :)PLUS my little girl LOVES playing with cookware, though we dont have a “green” set as yet!!!
    what a great giveaway EcoToys
    Good luck everyone xo

  192. Tara Canning says:

    It’s a really hard choice between the garbage truck and the dinner set! What amazing products! I love the garbage truck because I can see my son absolutely adoring it and the dinner set because I’d know that something that would end up in the kids’ mouth was BPA, Phthalate and PVC-free! Fantastic. 🙂

  193. Shauna says:

    I think the recycling truck is my number one fav!! We have different recycling containers around our kindergarten (where I work) so the children know all about recycling & composting and especially because it is made from recycled products.

  194. Christina Matthewson says:

    I just LOVE the recycling truck. What better way to teach your children about recycling then with this truck.

    My boys just love trucks, and incorporating one of their favourite things with a very important lesson (recycling) it’s sure to get them wanting to learn more and want to help mummy with sorting out what can be recycled and what can’t

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