Christmas traditions and celebrations


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Everyone has their own rituals or unique way they celebrate the festive season so for this competition I’d love to hear about your traditions. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not or do the whole Santa thing, we all have our own unique traditions and memories that we would love to pass onto our children.  

So lets share our traditions and how we make this holiday season a joyous and memorable occasion without harming the planet.

To enter the draw to WIN our Wonderworld tea set simply tell us how you celebrate Christmas or the holiday season?

Competition ends Sunday 5th December 2010 at midnight EST and is open to Australian residents only. Winner will be drawn and announced on Monday 6th December 2010.

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22 Responses to “Christmas traditions and celebrations”

  1. Fiona Young says:

    Regarding tania’s tradtion of ‘something they need, something they want, something to wear and something to read’ I’ve heard a variant too:
    ‘something to read, something to eat, something to wear and something to do’

    All of which a lovely ideas which I am applying with my partner’s gifts this year 😉

    Today we got a ‘real’ tree from a christmas tree farm which is about 5 mins away. They cut it down for us and then they plan new ones to replenish each year. Kids love that a chainsaw is part of our traditions!

  2. Tracey M says:

    One tradition “Santa” started and has always done for our children is to leave a Christmas letter.

    It lists funny things the family have done, things that have been said that have been memorable, or achievements throughout the year.
    The letters are like a journal for our family and are lovely to look back on.

    I have quite an age gap with my children so they are lovely to look back over. The children love their letters and I am sure “Santa” will be writing them for many many years to come.

  3. Vic says:

    Oh Christmas, how do I love thee…?! Let me count the ways!

    Every year I buy a present for a Grandpa from the wishing tree since I no longer have one of my own & I think Christmas is a very lonely time for some, especially older men on their own. I think everybody has the kids covered so I’ll help out with a Pa! This year I will let my almost 3yo choose someone to buy for as well.

    Christmas Lunch; this is my favorite tradition, I don’t think I have the words to describe just how much I love it – after a couple of rather dismal Christmases with just DP & I, we decided to go out for lunch, the BEST idea, ever! We’ve gone out every year since & I love the ritual we have developed around the whole thing; looking for the perfect venue, putting together our Chrissy outfits… and Christmas day itself is fabulous; up to open pressies, get dressed up & head off to enjoy gorgeous views, an amazing atmosphere, delicious food (that I neither have to cook or clean up after!!) & even a visit from Santa! Devestatingly we have to skip it this year, after memorable lunches cruising on Sydney Harbour, gazing from centerpoint & overlooking sunny beaches, we are missing our first xmas out in years because our new baby won’t have had his first vaccinations…. *sigh* Will have to make up for it next year!

    Another tradition I started when my daughter had her first Xmas was getting her an ornament for the tree – she picked out her third ornament yesterday, and helped find one for her little brother’s first Christmas! When they are all grown up & leaving home, I’ll give them their ornaments to start their own trees & traditions. 🙂

    Wishing EVERYONE an amazing Christmas, it truly is a magical time of year!!

  4. Gabrielle says:

    We have a Christmas party each year with our family of friends. I make little gifts for everyone, i make the crackers so get to choose the contents and everyone brings a plate of their favourite food/dessert to share for the meal.

    After dinner the men put the tree together and put the lights on and then the women and girls decorate it with the ornaments we have bought as souvenirs of our travels 🙂

    Hubby places the angel then we dim the normal lights to see the lit tree 🙂

    Hubby then reads out The Night Before Christmas, we watch the chosen Christmas movie and then Princess Bride if anyone is still here 🙂

  5. Cara Clark says:

    Our family tradition is to give to the salvo’s wishing tree. Each year we pick a tag that is the same age and sex as the members of our household. I think it helps my daughter to understand that not all children have the same things that she has, she finds it very sad that not all kiddies get to play with toys at Christmas time so it makes her feel better knowing she is doing something about it.

  6. Tania Spagnolo says:

    I took some wonderful advice from an online friend today that I hope to incorporate into a family tradition for my ‘new’ family (before I had kids of my own Christmas had kind of lost its sparkle for awhile) Anyhow the tradition for the kids will be that they only receive 4 gifts: someting they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read! Basically I already follow this but will make it a conscious decision for the years ahead! Adults receive a donation made on their behalf to the charity of choice, a tradition we started when we were DINKS and have continued because let’s face it we don’t need anything really!

    My eldest is not quite 2.5 so we are still establishing things that I hope to become tradition: making our own wrapping paper from art he has done through the year, decorating the tree together (everyday as he likes to ‘rearrange’ the ornaments) baking biscuits and making/creating salt dough decorations.

  7. Bethany Morningside says:

    Our family is only little and we are not particularly religious but for us Christmas is about taking time to catch up, relax and just celebrate a time of year that allows everyone to take it easy.
    Decorating is more about having fun and things end up where ever the kids decide to put them. We plan what we eat around what is available from grandads veggie patch and on what we think our tummy’s would like.
    We give only a few gifts and try to make sure that they are made from natural materials that last. Its great to watch the kids compare and share.
    The best day though is boxing day when we just get lazy and play with the kids or swim in the cheek with friends and neighbours who just pop over.

  8. Jo says:

    On New Years Eve we leave little shoes out under the fireplace (it’s a part Euro tradition) that get filled with sweet treats for Christmas Day, we also read ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ Xmas Eve and have a bunch of close friends around for Champers & nibblies, we don’t have family so our friends are a really important part of our Chrissy celebrations. We leave our mini cupcakes for Santa that are baked fresh with my daughter and some Santa OJ! Xmas morning is present opening, lounging around in pj’s then it’s a picnic lunch and enjoying the rest of the day with our beautiful Children and this year will be extra extra special – our baby turns one on Christmas Day!! Yes, last Christmas we made the mad dash to hospital early in the morning, he was born 15 minutes later and I was home that day for christmas lunch – BLISS! Happy christmas. x

  9. Jessica says:

    My husbands family Christmas tradition is to not have any presents but to get together and have fun. We all divvy up the various food requirements and play cards, ball games with the kids etc. It is a great, relaxing, stress-free gathering which I certainly enjoy (much different to my family!!)

  10. Amanda says:

    Rewind back 4 years to December 25th 2006……

    I was heavily pregnant and my due date had come and gone a few days earlier so instead of myself being round and jolly I was more like the grinch – oops. I had only a couple of hours before fallen asleep after a late night of wrapping the last of the pressies and my waters broke! Being my son’s 2nd xmas (he was 22 months old and had a little more understanding as to what xmas was about) I wanted to see him open his pressies before the heading to the hospital (it probably was the first and last time I ever had to actually wake my child up on xmas to open pressies). That year was one of the longest xmas days I felt I had ever experienced, I didn’t think it was going to end. But approx 48 hours later I received the best pressie in the world – a new little baby 🙂

    So every year is a double celebration in our house over the festive season – not only do we get to celebrate christmas we also celebrate my daughters birthday 🙂 (This year she will be 4).

  11. sharyn says:

    we visit inlaws on christmas eve, and do my immediate family sometime between christmas and new year. christmas day is just us (originally me and my husband) at home which has been that way for a few years now but now we also have a toddler and baby 🙂 we basically just spend the day doing things as a family and as our kids get older we will go back to playing board games etc as they are too young for that yet. we do not buy presents for other family members and instead i bake them some goodies. we only buy presents for the children (ours and nieces/nephews) and these presents are not “throw away plastic ones” but rather things that they can keep for a long time/sustainable etc. even our own children we dont buy them very much as we want them to appreciate how very lucky they are rather than buying them lots of presents if that makes sense. we cant undo our past consumption, but we want this planet to be around for our children and childrens children etc and this is our choice to consume less and live a simple life where spending time as a family is the most important thing 🙂

  12. Alex says:

    We visit my in-laws Christmas Eve, my parents on Christmas Day, other relatives later on Christmas Day and spend Boxing Day with the in-laws again. Very busy, lots of fun and no one ends up feeling offended. As far as the planet goes we try to avoid buying disposable Christmas-related items, buy fewer presents and buy at least some sustainable presents.

  13. Alyra says:

    My daughter is 15 months so this year we are just beginning starting our own little family traditions.
    My favourite part of Christmas as a child was my Dad reading ‘Twas a night before Christmas’ before we went to bed on Christmas Eve. Will have to get Pa to do that for his granddaughter this year!!

  14. shellie drysdale says:

    the weekend before christmas we have a gathering with my dad’s side of the family. we play a gift giving game where we each put in one presant. we sit in a circle around the pile and then take turns to either chose a gift from the pile or steal someone else’s gift. this year i will put in 4 gifts (as there are four of us) and have chosen things that are environmentally friendly. one is a bamboo toothbrush, recycled paper pen, and recycled paper notepad, and the others are gift cards from rainforest rescue whereby you donate money to protect rainforests. (eg. the daintree and orangutan habitat). i am hoping that i can encourage everyone to do something similar next year as i would really love for our christmas to make a positive difference to the earth. last year i used the “tear” and “oxfam unwrapped” catalogues.
    we have a lovely afternoon where the kids play together and even have a swim.
    My mums’ side of the family do the same game. they gather on christmas day. (we take turns spending christmas day with my family or with chris’ family). this year, mums family have made the rule that the gift must be something that you already have at home, but do not use. (most likely something that you got in last years game!). so no-one is spending money. we hope to turn this into something positive for the environment too. my mum remembers that when she was little, all the kids had to put on some sort of “act” for entertainment. they would sing a song, do a play or some tricks. mum would really like to bring this tradition back. and i am sure that my kids will love to entertain everyone with some somersaults and singing.
    with my immediate family, we get together on a day that suits us all (usually boxing day) for a nice quiet family lunch and some games. we do a kris kringle where the gift must be made, won or done. I have made a photo album for my brother out of cereal boxes and put in photos of him from when he was young and made it pretty with bits of ribbon, buttons and pretty papers that i had lying around. (hopefully he does not read this!) my mum is helping to make something from my kids for their aunt and uncle using things that i gathered from the hard rubbish collection in my area. (hopefully my sister is not reading this either!!)
    every year we are sure to give a gift to less fortunate people. this year there is a gift giving tree at our local shops, so we have put in some gifts there. simple luxuries that some people cannot afford. I also hope to be able to give something wonderful to some little boys from my home town who will be spending their first christmas without their dad.
    I have a good friend that i exchange gifts with each year. our kids already have so much stuff and really do not need anymore, so this year i have donated money to conservation on their behalf and i hope that we can make that our tradition each year. perhaps we can adopt a rhino or something like that each year. i have joined my older son up to “earth kids” and will join her oldest daughter up too. i am also giving them some “glob” paint.
    i find that at christmas, so much money is spent just for the sake of having something to give someone. it is damaging to the environment. i love that my family make things as it means more thought is put in and we can make things out of stuff that would otherwise be rubbish.
    my kids love making christmas decorations for the tree and christmas cards to give. we always walk around the local streets enjoying all the decorated houses in the evenings leading up to christmas. there is one house near us that is particularly festive and each year santa visits there one night before christmas to see all the local children.
    we all have so much “stuff” and really do not need any more. i would really love to have a gift free christmas and everyone donates money to a cause that they are passionate about instead. there are so many great causes to give to and i know i would love to receive that as a gift. Christmas should have more focus on family rather than gifts. i love seeing everyone at christmas, the kids all have a great time together and that is what is important. i am really hoping that i can encourage everyone to tone down the gift giving.

    • shellie drysdale says:

      sorry – was there a word limit??? that looks way too long!

      • Melinda says:

        LOL no Shellie! I don’t like having word limits as it’s purely up to you how much or how little you write but thanks for sharing so much of your traditions with us.

        I love the idea of giving something that is yours but you no longer use to someone else. It is really a lovely concept and I would love to introduce that into our family.

  15. Tania Verdez says:

    We have the most wonderful family Christmas, I just love it! we spend Christmas Eve at Nonnie’s decorating the tree and drinking brandy and just being together and getting excited. Then on Christmas day we all get together at the nominated adults home (we have a rotation system) and just spend the day enjoying each other company with plenty of fine wine and food. Our family is very merry and fun! The one tradition I have is every year I made an enormous trifle with a different recipe each year. We have taken the focus away from presents by having a simple Kris Kringle system which means you only buy one present to put on the table, and we have a limit of $50-. This takes the stress out of Christmas and makes the day more about enjoying being together 🙂

  16. Taryn says:

    The lead up to Christmas is filled with decorating, setting up our nativity set, explaining the significance and the importance of Christmas to our children.

    We have an advent calendar that runs the 24 days before Christmas.

    On Christmas Eve, everyone is allowed to open one present, which is always a new pair of pyjamas.

    The PJs are already washed and ready to wear so post bath time, everyone puts on their new pjs and heads to bed.

    In the morning we enjoy a breakfast of ham on toast and egg nog (minus the brandy for the children)

    Tradition is one thing, but the meaning of Christmas is critical to me. It upsets me that the term “Happy Holidays” is becoming more popular and deliberately tearing away from the real meaning of Christmas.

    I want my children to grow up knowing the history and the significance behind the celebration rather than just another day off where we exchange gifts and enjoy a meal.

  17. Jeanette M says:

    Tradition is not something I ever really had growing in my own family, particularly once my parents separated. Christmas Day was something I wanted to rush through so it would end quicker.

    Now with two sons of my own and a loving husband the tradition we are trying to establish for our boys is simply to take time to just be with each other over the holiday.

    Present come and go but good times with family and friends are what makes the memories, this is what I would like our tradition to be.

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