Blessingway, ancient ritual for the modern mum

Today is a really special day. Instead of my usual, busy, hectic life, I am going to be surrounded by beautiful, strong and amazing woman and I already feel empowered just thinking about it. I am going to a good friend’s Blessingway.  



A Blessingway is a ritual to honour pregnancy, birth and the mother. A circle of support is formed with the mother as she prepares mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the work of birthing, tapping into the wisdom of the collective feminine spirit. This to be a time where positive stories are shared, hopes and wishes for her birth experience are bestowed, and special art projects are created and given to the birthing mother to take to her birth space.  

Surrounded by the most important women in her life, a Blessingway gives a woman energy, strength, confidence and support that will stay with her on her journey of birthays.  

Some of the things that women may do at a Blessingway include:

  • Each person decorates the women’s belly with beautiful artwork using Henna
  • Drawing, painting and writing inspiring messages and images of birth or a collage of photos
  • Reading out poems, affirmations and sharing positive stories and thoughts   
  • Each person bring a few beads and together the woman make a birthing necklace (our Rainforest Beads are perfect for Blessingways)
  • Doing a belly cast and painting it
  • Massaging
  • Lighting candles (at blessingway and when woman goes into labour) 

Of course these are just a few ideas. In the end it’s about the support that a women gets from her networks that empower her to go into birth with a postive and healthy attitude.


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